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one of the eight bones of the cranium

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The anatomic location of the anterior ethmoidal artery makes it susceptible to injury during head trauma and therefore should always be considered early on as a source of epistaxis following head trauma.
As far as ethmoidal air cells are concerned only bulla ethmoidalis can be visualised with DNE which also may not be visualised well in cases with concha bullosa or gross DNS.
We describe a patient with a traumatic anterior ethmoidal artery bleed on whom a cricket helmet was used to provide traction after posterior nasal packing with a Foley balloon catheter.
Both patients had a displaced septum, and the hemangioma also had invaded the ethmoidal sinus and the orbit.
The obstruction was caused by agger nasi cells in 6 (43%), ethmoidal bulla or accessory cells in 4 (28.
Spontaneous drainage of an ethmoidal mucocele: A possible cause of pneumosinus dilatans.
Bilateral ethmoidal mucocele in cystic fibrosis: Report of a case.
5 cm occupying right side of ethmoidal sinus and projecting into the right nasal cavity closely abutting turbinates and septum in the right nasal cavity.
Endoscopic anatomy of the anterior ethmoidal artery, Tampa, and the Halifax Medical Center, Daytona Beach, Fla.
They include the maxillary, ethmoidal, frontal, and sphenoidal sinuses with each having narrow ostium that opens into the nose.
Although less common, brain abscess has been described as a complication of frontal, ethmoidal, or sphenoidal sinusitis.
an extensive bilateral nasal and ethmoidal mass with intracranial extension into the frontal lobe and involvement of the right orbit) suggested a malignancy.
According to Stammberger, they usually originate much more frequently in fissures and narrow spaces of the ethmoid than from ethmoidal cells themselves.
In 2 cases (8%) there occurred damage to nasal mucosa, while in 2 cases (8%) accidental entry was made to ethmoidal air cells.
Medical versus surgical treatment for early ethmoidal nasal polyps.