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a committee appointed to consider ethical issues

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But the LDP and New Komeito refused, saying it would be meaningless to convene a meeting if Ozawa is unlikely to appear at the ethics panel to give unsworn testimony.
Ozawa, who has denied any wrongdoing, will be indicted soon over his fund management body's alleged false reporting, but he has refused to attend the ethics panel.
According to documents presented to the ethics panel and released publicly Friday, SAIF's government affairs coordinator Chris Davie estimated that from 1998-2002, SAIF paid $1.
Doi had required Ozawa to attend the ethics panel on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday next week.
Walker said she had wanted the ethics panel to look into payments SAIF made, but did not report as lobbying expenses, to the public relations firm Gard & Gerber, as well.
20 -- Kan directly asks Ozawa to testify before a parliamentary ethics panel over a fund reporting scandal but Ozawa refuses.
Aisawa said the opposition party will cooperate in organizing Ozawa's unsworn testimony if he voluntarily appears before the ethics panel.
Mattox's appointment is made possible by the August resignation of Commissioner Ann Petroni, who had been appointed by Riordan but left the ethics panel when she moved out of Los Angeles.
Former Democratic Party of Japan leader Ichiro Ozawa is ready to appear before a parliamentary ethics panel to explain his alleged involvement in a funds scandal even before the start of an ordinary Diet session to be convened in late January, sources close to him said Thursday.
Former Democratic Party of Japan President Ichiro Ozawa has finally bowed to pressure from inside and outside the party and agreed to testify before a Diet ethics panel.
Former Democratic Party of Japan leader Ichiro Ozawa said Tuesday he will appear before a parliamentary ethics panel over a funds scandal, noting that his sudden change of position was ''a political decision'' to help avoid discord within the ruling party and legislative deadlock next year.
OLYMPICS: Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell is the new co-chairman of the USOC's ethics panel.
Regarding the September 1 article, "Judicial ethics panel rules on ex parte communications," I fear the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee got this one wrong.
Olympic Committee's ethics panel, said his commission's investigation of the Salt Lake City scandal would focus on recommending procedures for future bid cities.
The previous one-to-one meeting between Kan and Ozawa lasted for about an hour and a half but ended in failure as Kan was unable to convince Ozawa to testify before a parliamentary ethics panel to explain the scandal.