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a philosopher who specializes in ethics


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Environmental ethicists should take special note of chapters that address the Anthropocene and climate change (chap.
Depending on who you talk to, she was an ethicist, philosopher, legal thinker," said Marie Griffith, director of the John C.
It has been a privilege to be a part of that conversation," she wrote in her penultimate Ethicist post.
Pressure can be applied on the ethicist by reducing funding, or threatening to terminate it entirely, under the argument that, with limited overall funds, the PI can only allocate funding to successful lines of research (subjectively determining that the ethical line of research is "going nowhere").
Clearly, the last refuge for a scooped Post editor is an ethicist.
It is of interest to note that some principle-based ethicists regard natural moral law, not as reason's understanding of divine law, but as analogous to the physical laws of science.
The growing gulf between patients requiring organ transplants and the number of persons willing to give them is spurring some ethicists to call for new--and sometimes radical--ways to encourage donations.
Bruce Weinstein, the professional ethicist known as the Ethics Guy, said congressmen have a limited right to health privacy.
These studies lend credence to the comments made to AP by American ethicist and pediatrician Dr.
Still, I am not of the view that there is an essence of ethics and an essence of experts such that it could be demonstrated that there is an inherent contradiction in the very idea of a professional ethicist.
But threatening as just the sound of that word can be, it is even more unsettling for me if the speaker of this word announces himself to be an ethicist.
And, as Peter Berkowitz has written, someone who presents himself to the world as an ethicist is supposed to have thought through the practical consequences of his ethics.
As a Christian theologian and ethicist I don't dare propose that we can make total sense of the evil that occurred.
They were published in the Annals of Neurology last spring, and an accompanying editorial by a medical ethicist stressed their importance, especially in light of changing views on the ethics of placebo-controlled trials as detailed in the World Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki.
ISSUE: Should an ethicist be allowed to testified in a medical malpractice case?