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a philosopher who specializes in ethics


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Depending on who you talk to, she was an ethicist, philosopher, legal thinker," said Marie Griffith, director of the John C.
It has been a privilege to be a part of that conversation," she wrote in her penultimate Ethicist post.
Pressure can be applied on the ethicist by reducing funding, or threatening to terminate it entirely, under the argument that, with limited overall funds, the PI can only allocate funding to successful lines of research (subjectively determining that the ethical line of research is "going nowhere").
Media company the New York Times Company's (NYSE:NYT) The New York Times Magazine on Friday named Ariel Kaminer as it first ethicist columnist, a column that responds to weekly ethical dilemmas posed by readers.
Birthright would welcome this participant, encouraging her as the Ethicist did to be candid about her motivations.
Randy Cohen, the Ethicist, will be examining moral behavior on the front-page with the insight and wit that has made him famous as a columnist in The Magazine.
Clearly, the last refuge for a scooped Post editor is an ethicist.
Ethicist Margaret Somerville of McGill University is concerned about the threat posed by terrorists and tyrants with whom we have fundamental value conflicts, and by the new techno-science: genetics, reproductive technologies, artificial intelligence, and nano-technology.
In an October 4 letter to the London Times, signers such as the Dalai Lama, retired Anglican archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Catholic ethicist Father Robert Drinan of Georgetown University lamented the "global horror story" that results in 1,000 deaths a day from the world's nearly 640 million firearms.
Chapters by an ethicist and an environmental writer survey the meals of three typical American families with differing tastes and shopping habits, using their contrast to survey wider issues of working conditions, environmental degradation, health and more.
Kass, a University of Chicago ethicist who is also a vocal opponent of embryonic stem cell research.
Bruce Weinstein, the professional ethicist known as the Ethics Guy, said congressmen have a limited right to health privacy.
These studies lend credence to the comments made to AP by American ethicist and pediatrician Dr.
But threatening as just the sound of that word can be, it is even more unsettling for me if the speaker of this word announces himself to be an ethicist.
In spite of the differences between consultations performed by ethics committees and those carried out by individual clinical ethicists, these discussions of ethics committees can be very useful when considering the individual ethicist.