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Synonyms for ethician

a philosopher who specializes in ethics


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Though written by someone who is an ethician, it is not entirely a book about ethics.
And so the first task of the NT ethician is to understand the effect of the reign of God, baptism, justification by faith,, or the indwelling Spirit on the aspirations and powers of the Christian.
Hippocrates rises anew": prominent ethicians and physicians issue A.
While the profession does provide guidelines and principles and ethicians can and do provide models for analysis, in the end, one's morality - one's personal integrity - rests within.
First, theological ethicians will be interested to find theological rationale for the call to generous giving found in the Christian tradition, as well as in the Jewish and Islamic traditions.
Many ethicians consider the socialization principle to be equivalent to the universal rule of human brotherhood [9].
Parker also corrects contemporary Nietzschean ethicians by showing that Nietzsche himself affirmed basic goods like nobility, wisdom and life in his ethic of authenticity.