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the moral quality of a course of action

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A multiple regression analysis, using the posttest-pretest difference educational belief scores as the dependent variable, revealed that teacher candidates who believed that ethicalness was a foremost characteristic for teachers to possess tended to experience the greatest shift toward progressivism.
With regard to differences between managers and future managers (business students) regarding the ethicalness of certain business practices, the empirical evidence is scarce and, once again, inconclusive (Singer 1996).
Therefore, the fundamental objective of this investigation is to first classify a set of HR/CI activities on the ethicalness and effectiveness criteria and then empirically examine their standing in the moral pluralism/ethical relativism debate.
Second, the m ain topic of interest, recognizing the ethicalness of everyday situations, should not be limited to only those individuals who have worked full time.
Reviews of the ethical decision-making literature indicate that a large number of studies have investigated the effects of performance, environmental change, age, and the differences between group type (college students and professional managers) on the ethicalness of decision making using an individual-level of analysis (Ford and Richardson, 1994; Jones, 1991; Randall and Gibson, 1990).