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Synonyms for ethicalness

the moral quality of a course of action

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Morgan and Korschgen (2001) asked a sample of faculty and undergraduate students to rate the ethicalness of 16 faculty behaviors on a five-point scale with endpoints of "unquestionably not ethical" to "unquestionably ethical.
These descriptions were coded for six themes of teacher effectiveness: student centeredness, enthusiasm for teaching, ethicalness, classroom and behavior management, teaching methodology, and knowledge of subject.
The regression model suggests that, to a small degree, teacher candidates with the largest gains in WTSEB scores from pretest to posttests tended to be those who believed that ethicalness was a characteristic of an effective teacher.
We examined differences in professors' and students' perceptions of the ethicalness of faculty behavior.
With regard to differences between managers and future managers (business students) regarding the ethicalness of certain business practices, the empirical evidence is scarce and, once again, inconclusive (Singer 1996).
This study used 8 vignettes to investigate 331 school psychology graduate students' beliefs concerning the desirability and ethicalness of origin of a dissertation idea and authorship credit of an article based on the dissertation.