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in an ethical manner


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Though there are many protein and supplement companies on the market, we wanted to create something that would appeal to the more discerning customer who is looking for high quality proteins and 'cleaner' supplements that are good for them, ethically sourced and contain nothing artificial.
It found 82% of the 1,000 young people surveyed think companies need to act more responsibly but fewer than half (45%) said they trust companies to behave ethically.
Staff from Stirley Community Farm offering visitors at Honley Show in |June a taste of ethically sourced beef, from left, Caroline Fishpool, Kim Warren and Kayleigh Thomas.
Given the already numerous questions that surround organ donation, this ethically sensitive area needs the careful attention of those who are committed to assisting potential organ recipients to achieve better health, but also to ensuring that an ethically sound system is in place that protects human life and well being.
Organic Seed & Bean is the UK's only 100percent ethically accredited chocolate company and its award winning products offer Fairtrade, organic and varieties suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Trees4trees, Barker and Stonehouse's fair trade initiative, is all about taking responsibility for manufacturing by creating ranges of furniture made from ethically sourced wood from trees grown specifically for furniture production.
If the answer of second question is positive, are we ethically obliged to do it?
Sydney, Mar 20 (ANI): Sales of ethically sourced chocolate in Australia have seen incredible growth of more than 1,500 percent in the past two years.
Summary: Miriam Gonzalez Clegg was hailed as "the woman of the now" after launching an ethically aware fashion showcase.
Reality took another step toward science fiction last month with reports that the Pentagon has established a $4 billion project to build ethically attuned robot-roops.
The research highlights that the vast majority of people who are looking to shop ethically will do so at their weekly shop to the local supermarket (53%).
In an interview with Cambridge University Alumni Magazine, headlined 'Why Greed Isn't Good', he said: "The fundamental role of a company is to provide the goods and services people want, and to do so efficiently, ethically and profitably.
Because it involves favoritism based on irrelevant personal relationships such as a resident applicant being someone's spouse or child, nepotism in hiring and admissions in academic health centers is viewed as ethically suspect, at best, or ethically inappropriate or even illegal, at worst.
AS many as four out of 10 bank customers would be prepared to accept lower interest if their provider invested ethically.
David Truskoff writes with an articulate reasoning that is as engaging as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking, laced with illustrative examples and sage insight, "Rebirth Of A Realist" offers a political discourse that deserves the widest readership possible if our country is to prosper ethically, socially, and politically at home and abroad.