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in an ethical manner


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Most doctors consider themselves ethically equal to IRB members and scientifically superior to them in their own sphere of study.
In pursuing this "ecological pneumatology," Wallace avoids the language and tradition of metaphysical philosophy which, he argues, has bequeathed to us intellectually untenable and ethically and spiritually unhelpful notions of the Spirit as a metaphysical entity or principle of consciousness.
It is tempting to teach accounting as a technical discipline, but we dare not succumb to that temptation lest our students be underprepared for their real challenge--applying their technical skills ethically for the benefit of society.
Siep's remarks brought up yet another question: In our society, despite impressions conveyed by the six o'clock news, most people do try hard to live ethically.
An employee who can't answer such questions-or who doesn't even ask them-can be called ethically uncertain.
will be made with 100% responsibly grown, ethically traded Starbucks Espresso Roast coffee.
Mr Smith, a former minister at Golcar Baptist Church, said: "Our culture is not ethically neutral.
He added: "Where a seriously-ill pregnant woman needs medical treatment, which may put the life of her baby at risk, such treatments are ethically permissible, provided every effort has been to save the life of both mother and baby.
All the collections in the Trees4Trees ranges are ethically and responsibly sourced, sustainable furniture for a sustainable future.
This covers all council restaurants, schools, care homes, meals on wheels, banqueting and hospitality services and focuses on providing food which has been ethically sourced and has a low carbon footprint.
Animal friendly, yet stylish and affordable, the Espiritual (for men) and Jiva (for women) ranges are handmade and ethically produced in Portugal and India.
Trapped: When Acting Ethically Is Against The Law by John Hasnas (Associate Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, Washington DC) focuses upon ethical dilemmas arising from the over-criminalization of commonplace behaviors, demands of the law and ethics considerations for its violation, and the seemingly culturally sanctioned allowance of unethical behavior amongst corporate executives and businesses.
In an inherently undemocratic federal electoral system, the budding and ethically consistent Green Party faces the false perceptions that they are spoilers.
While hospitals are ethically and legally required to have a full call panel of specialty services, increasing malpractice costs and rising financial risk have caused physicians to be less eager to take call.
It's not illegal, but it is ethically questionable.