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Synonyms for ethicality

a rule or habit of conduct with regard to right and wrong or a body of such rules and habits

the moral quality of a course of action

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In the case of whistleblowing, the discussion regarding the ethicality of this behavior, as to whether it is a heroic act or a form of betrayal or disobedience, reflects the fact that people differ in their beliefs about the legitimacy and importance of whistleblowing (Miceli & Near, 1984).
5) The market system (defects of which are related to the rotten core) also needs to be directed by these principles that are critical to the success of building an ethical culture (defects of which are related to the rotten barrel) and promoting ethicality at the individual level (defects of which are related to the rotten apple).
This implies that management's perceptions of ethicality and their intentions to reprimand unethical conduct are influenced by the resultant consequences.
Their study revealed that reflection on personal cases for making ethical decisions was associated with decisions of higher ethicality.
Why the FA feels incumbent to appoint themselves as guardians of the nation's ethicality I have no idea.
33) Armin Krishnan, Killer Robots: Legality and Ethicality of Autonomous Weapons (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2009), 2.
There has been significant debate over the ethicality and legality of the procedure, & on the legal rights of the child and surviving parent if the gametes are used for impregnation
Engelen and Van Liedekerke (2007) provide an excellent summary of two main schools on the legality and ethicality of insider trading.
Results found that men rated lesbian and gay applicants less favorably in terms of their morality, trustworthiness, and ethicality values than their straight counterparts.
Many people have inaccurate, preconceived impressions of UAE culture and have questioned the ethicality of conducting research in the UAE.
This is particularly important in the areas of social intuition and ethicality which have, up to this point, been subsumed in discussions of style without holding their own style "label.
When I mean to refer to Moralitat in the technical sense in which it can be opposed to ethicality, I will speak of "morality in the narrow sense.
To what extent do factors such as the counselor being a witness to the behavior versus students reporting the behavior impact the counselor's perception of the ethicality of breaking confidentiality to notify school administrators?
2007) Perceptions of need and the ethicality of the male social work practice, Families in Society, 82, 2, pp.