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a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct

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The intent in having a comprehensive training plan is to keep your ethical codes positioned at the intellectual forefront of those out-of-practice minds that may not be as quick to the moral draw as well-practiced minds with a regular training regimen.
When owners hire a CPM, ARM or ACoM Member, or an AMO Firm, they should know they are hiring a manager who is bound to an ethical code.
The general tenants of the ISDA ethical code include general principles related to trust, promotion of children's welfare, and high levels of professional competence (ISPA, 1990).
However, if a doctor starts expressing personal opinions about issues, say for example plastic surgery, then this is not good for the ethical code.
He argued that their shared ethical code "expressly permits values-based referrals.
He has spelled out why most people want to become journalists and the strict ethical code they adhere to.
11) Finally, ethical codes derived from either ethical relativism (where the ethical code depends on and is determined by an individual, group, society, or culture) or ethical absolutism (where the ethical code is the one dictated by the correct authority, group, society, or culture) merely provide ready-made responses to ethical dilemmas.
Iberia added that at the congress it adopted the World Tourism Organisation Ethical Code, which is designed to protect the consumer, children and other vulnerable social groups while fostering corporate social responsibility, cultural and environmental sustainability, along with the view of tourism as an engine of development in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.
practicing lawyers to a single ethical code is an overreaction that
He urged the attendees of the meeting to develop a memorandum, agreement of a moral and ethical code, which will serve as a tool of succession and recognition of the elections by electoral process stakeholders.
Claire Southern, manager of Blackburne House Caf Bar says: "We had so many customers asking if we did lunch time deliveries, and we thought it was time we launched this service, but having a service in keeping with our ethical code was very important.
A A A He also pointed out that Morocco, which is firmly moving on the path of promoting democracy, is very attached to the press freedom, provided that it abides by the ethical code.
The standard of NAADAC's ethical code that applies to recovering counselors who use their clients for their own self-interest is found in principle number:
An independent review of practices at the company in 2008 urged BAE bosses to adopt stronger anti-bribery measures and a global ethical code of conduct.
AaAa "The fact of systematically and methodically occulting all our qualities does not comply with the ethical code," the minister said.