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Synonyms for ethic

a rule or habit of conduct with regard to right and wrong or a body of such rules and habits

Synonyms for ethic

the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group

a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct

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Nicolaisen (2004; 2003), Chief Accountant of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) advocated the need for CPAs and CPA firms to observe ethics principles of the accounting profession in the application of accounting rules.
The authors present the results of a survey investigating ethics education practices in counselor education programs accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs and counselor educators' beliefs regarding ethics education.
The Code of Ethics for Archivists invites comparison with the Code of Professional Responsibility sponsored by ARMA International, www.
Invite students to explain what Sun Tzu (whom most of ROTC students have already read) had to say about ethics in his famous work, The Art of War (the answer is almost nothing--Hsun Tzu, who wrote two hundred years after Sun Tzu, is the first in that line of research who says anything ethical).
Codes of Ethics are meant to be an extension of the spirit of the law, to point out what is fair, and honest, and reasonable.
in economics, the University of Sankt Gallen in Switzerland asked me to start a new center for business ethics.
And it can happen because the state requires or recommends that local governments pass an ethics code, providing language or minimum requirements.
Arnett's (1987) review of ethics in communication journals from 1915-1985.
The ethics of reproductive genetics (reprogenetics) are dealt with in some detail.
It may be asked if personal ethics define the baseline for problem solving and decision making.
My thanks to Gail Crawford, APRN, member of the Ethics Committee, who agreed to do the Ethics article for this issue of the SC Nurse.
The other half makes changes in the provisions governing lobbyists, something that would seem to fall under the purview of the Ethics Commission.
The brave new world of 21st century health care ethics both affirms and challenges the adequacy of not so new concepts like principle-based ethics and moral intelligence as frame-works for considering ethical decisions.
There's been a 7 percent drop since 2003 in "the evaluation of employee performance based on ethical conduct" and only a 4 percent increase in the disciplining of employees for breaking ethical standards, according to a study released last fall by the Ethics Resource Center (ERC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of business ethics.
Whether this is a fair assessment or not, the lack of ethics perceived by the public is a severe threat to the accounting profession.