ethernet cable

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any of several types of coaxial cable used in ethernets

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Standard industrial-grade Ethernet cable is designed to address the needs of industrial applications but is unable to be routed in cable trays.
The need to troubleshoot hardened Industrial Ethernet cable is best met by a tester specifically designed for the industrial environment that is easy to use, reliable and offers the ability to indicate a variety of wiring faults.
So during your weekly PMCS you need to gently check all the ethernet cable connections for looseness.
To allow multiple wired and wireless users to access your high-speed Internet connection simultaneously, plug one end of the second Ethernet cable into your DSL or cable modem and the other end into the Internet port on the access point router.
The Active Ethernet power injector device inserts the DC power onto the Ethernet cable and is available in two models -- one that is capable of handling twelve ORiNOCO Access Points and one for six Access Points.
This device performed the basic functions of a NAS device--providing storage that could be easily added to a network merely by connecting an Ethernet cable from the network to the drive, turning on power, and running a configuration utility.
So if you don't want to connect your desktop to the network via an Ethernet cable, you'll have to purchase an internal wireless PCI card at about $60 each.
Typical structured wiring rules limit Ethernet cable distances to 100 meters.
Belden developed the new Cat 6 Industrial Ethernet cable in response to the trend towards "future proofing" of mission-critical network and automation system backbones being installed in discrete industrial manufacturing, processing plants and large industrial infrastructures, such as water treatment and utility plants, airports, transportation terminals and shipyards.
Actiontec Electronics today released the MegaPlug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter Kit, a next-generation powerline networking solution based on the new HomePlug AV standard for distributing large entertainment and data files around the home without the expense of pulling Ethernet cable.
Unfortunately, due to a building's age or structure, it is difficult, costly or impractical to run Ethernet cable to create a network.
The injector provides DC power (48 V) for up to 300 Ethernet cable runs, and works with all Agere wireless LAN access points, access servers and outdoor routers.
Nasdaq:NSYS), a major global supplier of analog and digital video cables and assemblies based in the United States, introduces Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Cable Assemblies.
Service providers in Europe and Asia typically began installing IPTV service by running new Ethernet cable to distribute the broadcast TV and Video on Demand content from the residential gateways to the IP Set Top Boxes near the customers' TVs.
The camera can be connected to a recording device onboard the vehicle via an Ethernet cable, and it can transmit signals over the Internet using wide-range wireless networks.