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a type of network technology for local area networks

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MCI's ability to deliver local-to-global Ethernet solutions is filling an important void in the marketplace," said Nancy Gofus, MCI senior vice president of Product Management.
The reason many enterprises are interested in Ethernet LAN interconnection is simple.
The company's focus on vertical industries and a steep increase in the adoption of Yipes' managed Ethernet services made a major contribution to the company's revenue.
Mentor Graphics recently acquired the complete line of Ethernet and media access control (MAC) IP group from Alcatel, the industry leader for Ethernet IP, used in 80% of the 10/100 Mbit/s ports and over 50% of the Gigabit Ethernets ports shipping worldwide.
Even as FC networking standards solidify and improve, Ethernet standards will continue to be refined, maintaining Ethernet's technological superiority.
Its members -including telecommunications service providers, network equipment/software manufacturers, semiconductors vendors and testing organizations - play an active role in standardizing wide-area Ethernet networking, as well as helping drive equipment and service certification programs and being among the first participants.
Power consumption is less than 2 watts/port, which offers over 50% power savings over low-density Gigabit Ethernet solutions that use discrete SERDES, Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controllers (MAC), SONET mapper and FPGA devices.
Our targeted customers require our services to be as resilient as SONET services, but at a price/performance value that only Ethernet solutions can bring.
SCinet features a 10Gb iWARP Ethernet infrastructure, which includes hardware from leading vendors together with OpenFabrics software and supporting services.
We've been watching with great interest as the vendor community, led by NetEffect, developed iWARP Ethernet into the commercially viable high-performance computing solution it is today.
Gary Chow, Managing Director, Commercial Group, PCCW, said," PCCW's world-class network, using Carrier Ethernet for mission critical applications, provides end-to-end managed services to Hong Kong's major financial institutions.
VSNL International's Dedicated Global Ethernet service was tested by Iometrix between New York, London, Tokyo and Mumbai and was certified as compliant to the MEF 9 certification after successful performance against 244 test cases.
Although attractive for a variety of reasons, the features of traditional Ethernet and its derivatives are not always in line with current users' requirements:
Being recognized as the 'Best in Business, Service Provider of the Year' by a blue-chip organization dedicated to the adoption of carrier-class Ethernet services is a great honor.