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a type of network technology for local area networks

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Yipes is the leading provider of managed Ethernet services and application delivery services for the global enterprise.
The MY1104/E is a Gigabit Ethernet Quad PHY transceiver with four Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) channels that operate from 1.
You will receive a thorough analysis for the prospects for the carrier ethernet market
Delivering on the company's Converged Packet Access (CPA) technology trials announced today, MCI is offering secure, end-to-end Ethernet solutions over a private infrastructure to support new applications, like storage, that businesses are demanding to handle the growing volume of corporate data.
The combination of application-driven customer demand factors and telecom network architecture is being targeted with the enormous capital returns generated by Ethernet in the enterprise space.
NASDAQ:VTSS), the market leader in Gigabit Ethernet ICs, today announced that it will showcase the industry's first integrated Gigabit Ethernet wireless broadband gateway solution designed to meet the needs of the small and medium enterprise (SME) and small office/home office (SOHO) markets.
This certification ensures that Atrica's Carrier Ethernet Systems conform to the MEF Quality of Service attributes, which are required for service level agreements (SLAs) supporting simultaneous real-time and data intensive business applications.
The NetEffect NE010x is the first adapter on the market to fully implement the iWARP Ethernet standards, allowing data center managers to realize more than 10Gbps data throughput, while remaining completely compatible with existing Ethernet hardware and software.
Cisco today also announced the availability of the Cisco ME 4924 Gigabit Ethernet Switch, a new single rack unit 10-Gbps-enabled access aggregation switch, and part of the Cisco Ethernet Fiber to the Home (E-FTTH) solution.
Unlike past alliances that support single IEEE 802 Ethernet projects, the Ethernet Alliance will exist for as long as it remains relevant to IEEE 802 Ethernet technology and it will support IEEE 802 Ethernet projects:
Yipes operates a global native Ethernet network that leverages 14,000 route-miles of fiber infrastructure.
With a 3855 km fiber optic network that connects the greater Paris region with the major cities of northern and eastern France, Sanef Telecoms delivers services such as high-speed Internet, Ethernet VPNs, video surveillance, video conferencing and IP telephone to business parks and industrial estates.
On the other hand, Ethernet networks are everywhere, resulting in a much greater pool of IT professionals who have had experience of such networks.