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the fifth and highest element after air and earth and fire and water

any of a class of organic compounds that have two hydrocarbon groups linked by an oxygen atom

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a medium that was once supposed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves


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What's the difference between the astral body and the etheric double or doppelgnger?
Both shamanic and Gnostic experientially-derived doctrines also posit the existence of an etheric double, a practitioner's "second personality" (Musi 3), linked to the macrocosm in the same way that the shaman's earthly body was linked to the microcosm.
Leadbeater, a clairvoyant, claimed to be able to see the chakras on the etheric plane where a "double" of each person exists: "When awakened and vivified they are seen as blazing coruscating whirlpools much increased in size and resembling miniature suns.
Through merging with the etheric energy of your food, you can download remarkable and powerful wisdom imprinted in the food's DNA.
Johnny Graphic and the Etheric Bomb" is a novel drawing from classic pulpy style of the 1930s, following Johnny Graphic, aspiring photographer, as he discovers ghosts covering every level of his desired career path.
The surgeon - a man of science and logic who believed death meant total annihilation of consciousness and the self - wanted to admit that he had seen his patient's 'wraith' or doppelganger as the Occultists of old called such projections of the etheric body, but instead, perhaps fearing he would lose his job, and that colleagues would question his sanity, he told the patient that the anaesthetic had probably caused him to have a very lucid dream.
Each hopes to find Arcadia's Etheric Plane, "where you can have anything your heart desires.
The presence of functional groups in superplasticizer molecules--namely etheric, hydroxyl, and carboxyl--decreases the surface tension of water, produces a deflocculation of conglomerates, and increases wettability not only of cement grains but also of the whole mineral framework.
For example, in Healing Rays and Consciousness, he writes that "this physical body is held together by an etheric substance called the Etheric Double, which never leaves the human form, even in sleep.
The sonic, visual and kinesthetic impressions functioned to add an etheric quality in contrast to the sharp movements of krump.
All five mixed-substituent polymers were obtained by the reactions of poly(dichlorophosphazene) with the appropriate alkoxide and etheric nucleophiles.
This can reveal the greater possibility of etheric linkage break under UV irradiation.
Bulgaria's booth includes the country's strongest companies in the fields of meat and dairy production, winery, apiary and cosmetics, in particular rose etheric oil products.
According to traditional Indian medicine, chakras are believed to be points of permeating energy on the physical body and extending into the etheric body (Lesser, 1999).