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In all this it is as if the Mariner's experience of others is not only passive but also variously etherealized by a limited appeal to one or other of the five senses.
The soundtrack of the poem is that 'fin can' rattling down the street alongside the busy wider shots and sounds of dock life--'tram rattle and ship horn'--and the haunted etherealized 'fog'.
Drawing on the work of Anne Mellor, Julian North considers the gendering of biography, particularly in terms of the shifting attitudes of biographers to the myth of the heroic masculine genius, while Jennifer Wallace compellingly shows how the contemporary focus on Keats's body feminized and etherealized him.
One must at least say of the old Christendom that, if indeed it has died, it has nonetheless left behind plentiful and glorious evidence of its vanished majesty: its millennial growths of etherealized granite and filigreed marble, its exquisitely wrought silver, its vaults of gold: in all the arts miracles of immensity and delicacy.
For the stage, garments had to he etherealized for effortless motion.