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Essential oils also known as ethereal oils, volatile oils, and aetherolea are extracted from plants.
Cyclodextrins can be used in manifold applications in the personal care and cosmetics industry: They can, for instance, protect sensitive substances such as ethereal oils or vitamins in skin crE mes or shower gels effectively against sun light or air, preventing them from rapidly decomposing, oxidizing or developing unpleasant odors.
Active subject matter of marigold flowers are: flavonoids, karotenoids, ethereal oils, triterpenic saponosins, kalenduloside, phytoncids, tannins, resins, slime, glycosides, C vitamin and organic acids [13].
The 'difference' provided by a better formulation with natural active ingredients--such as chamomile, calendula, arnica, lavender and Saint-John's-wort extracts--or with aloe vera and argan oil, or simply high-quality ethereal oils in connection with very low or no fragrance, without artificial coloring and without sodium chloride, is what sets Herbacin apart from the majority of its competitors.
2 hr private SPA-Cottage, Beauty Wellness treatment (Peeling, steam, deal cleansing, special ampoule, face, throat and chest massage with ethereal oils, face pack - 120 Min.