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Supporters say that when blended with petroleum products, ethanol from switchgrass results in a net energy gain of 334 percent, compared to just 21 percent for corn-based ethanol.
If I planted a thousand acres of switchgrass, I don't know if I could sell it because all of the ethanol that is being produced in this country is derived from corn.
EDITOR'S NOTE: A full copy of research findings, images, and ethanol industry resources is available at www.
The overall survey results suggest that many consumers are not aware that ethanol is cheaper and better for the environment than traditional gasoline and that many cars on the road today can run on ethanol blends without modification.
There has been tremendous innovation within the ethanol industry and manufacturers are using leading-edge technologies to produce more energy-efficient ethanol than ever before," said Matt Tormollen, chief marketing officer, Pavilion Technologies.