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The ethanol industry is working hard to improve the feed value of the DDGS.
As for subsidies, "they got the ethanol industry on its feet," Robertson says.
Brent Erickson, BIO's executive vice president for industrial biotechnology, noted, "Cellulase enzymes convert the cellulose in plant matter to sugars that can then be fermented to ethanol motor fuel.
The actual future results of Pacific Ethanol could differ from those statements.
Simply by processing the bagasse, you can double the amount of ethanol you produce," says Oliverio.
Environmentalists agree ethanol has a place at the table.
Region market overview covers the following: production of ethanol in a region/country, consumption trends, price data, trade in the recent year and manufacturers
Producing ethanol returns 138 percent of the total energy used in the production process, including farming, etc.
As the price of oil climbs, it becomes increasingly profitable to convert farm commodities into automotive fuel, either ethanol or biodiesel.
Central America has sent delegations to Brazil to study the production of ethanol; Argentina is using surplus soybeans to make its own bio-fuel; the Dominican Republic is preparing to add ethanol to gasoline until it reaches 22%; Jamaica has been producing ethanol for export to the U.
For example, converting prairie grasses to ethanol could provide a larger energy gain than corn does and would cost less environmentally, he says.
Just five years ago, a gallon of bio-based ethanol was $5, and today it's $2.
Department of Energy say that using more ethanol would help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Today in Brazil, flexible fuel cars running ethanol, gasoline, or a mixture of both account for 7 out of 10 new cars.
Ethanol is produced through fermentation of the glucose found in plant matter.