ethacrynic acid

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diuretic (trade name Edecrin) used to treat edema

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Stock solutions of the inhibitors, including ethacrynic acid, bromodulfalein, diethyl maleate, tetraethylthiuram disulfide, and curcumin were prepared in ethanol and diluted with Tris-HCl (50 mM, pH 7.
The adult possessed the highest values toward ethacrynic acid.
Ethacrynic acid is considered to be one of the specific inhibitors of GSTs (Wu et al.
Developmental stages Effector (I50) Larva Ethacrynic acid ([micro]M) 33.
Studies of tissue taken from human eyes show that ethacrynic acid doubles or triples the permeability of the trabecufar meshwork, allowing more fluid to drain from the eye, Epstein says.
The researchers tested ethacrynic acid in four men and one woman with very severe open-angle glaucoma.
In all five patients, reduction in intraocular pressure was observed after the infection of ethacrynic acid," the team writes in the May 1992 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY.
The Company announced on November 7, 1994, that based on the results of the Phase II clinical trial of TEKRON(TM), it does not intend to proceed with further development of a topical formulation of ethacrynic acid (ECA) for the treatment of glaucoma.
Ototoxicity caused by the loop diuretics, primarily furosemide and ethacrynic acid, is usually seen in patients with renal failure and in those who receive relatively high doses.
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