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Synonyms for eternize

to cause to last endlessly

Synonyms for eternize

cause to continue indefinitely

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5) By so doing, the mayor "will eternize [his] glory, and establish prosperity in this worthy City," Johnson adds.
Even Bassanio's prize of the golden counterfeit, the artist's effort to eternize the golden locks of Portia, is likened unsettlingly to a fatality, a spider's web that entraps gnats--uncannily at odds with one's expectations of idealizing Italian Renaissance portraiture.
615), and finally that once happiness was "fondly lost," immortality "served but to eternize woe" (xi.
Valbuena's focus is on sonnets explicitly invoking the act and materials of writing, emphasizing how the early promise to eternize the friend's beauty through writing is unfulfilled, with the pen's blots becoming more prevalent in the sequence than the accomplishment of well-wrought lines.
He "slighted" Jesus' compassion toward the poor ("Goodness that wept with those / Whom grief consigned to weep") and his effort to "spread, enhance, perfect, eternize human weal