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Synonyms for eternize

to cause to last endlessly

Synonyms for eternize

cause to continue indefinitely

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Applying the model of form- and substance-related stabilization as introduced above the conclusion may be obvious that the only opportunity of creating purely form-related eternization (71) may be to declare the constitution unalterable as a whole.
One could point at the eternization of the amnesty granted to those involved in various coups d'etat by Article 141 of the Constitution of Niger's 5th Republic or to the positive presupposition of the Holy Qur'an as the Constitution's foundation in Article 7 of the Basic Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Positively, the phenomenon of eternization has to be seen as terminal point of the vector leading from normative dynamic to normative static.
Thought out one may as well reach the result that eternization of a whole constitution is nothing but the substance-related stabilization referring not only to single aspects but to each aspect of the constitution.