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The manner of the defeat, on procedural grounds, again seemed to confirm the assertion made to me by one judge that: 'With the Brazilian judiciary, if you have an able lawyer you can almost eternalise the discussion
When she learned of her illness she did not surrender and went out to the great battle for her life, as she had fought, with the same courage, to eternalise the memory of her husband".
You become conscious of the artist's obsession to eternalise and feel the need to put all that you see down on canvas or paper.
The people who work their souls out and farm the land and build the estates, they are the ones who create the glory of those history eternalise.
Dubai A skyline crammed with magnificent glass structures, plush shopping arcades where fashion aficionados swoop down from world over, bustling nightclubs and suave pubs that eternalise nightlife, pristine beaches and desert resorts where semi-nude men and women get cozy under the splendid sun.