eternal rest

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euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb)

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The beauty of the abundance of gold artefacts is enhanced by the legend of the curse that supposedly befell those connected with opening the chambers of the tomb and disturbing the eternal rest of the young pharaoh.
A huge crowd turned up at the Chapel of Eternal Rest in Letterkenny, Co Donegal, for the removal Mass of Jolene ( Jody), 28, and Angie, 27, Brogan.
A father of three children Sinan's family, colleagues, Amasya Governor Abdil Celil, Turkish Interior Minister Muammer GE-ler, Turkish Chief Police Constable Mehmet Kylyclar and Somalia's Ambassador in Turkey Mursal Sheyh attended the official ceremony before he was put to his eternal rest.
May God provide eternal rest to the deceased and comfort to all those affected, and may all of us be inspired by the witness and courage of the emergency personnel and bystanders who rushed to the aid of those who were injured at the risk of their own lives.
A state funeral for one, eternal rest beneath the apple tree for another, and a hole in the flowerbed for the third.
The head of the Djehuty Project concludes: "Unlike what the rest of courtiers of his time did, around 1470 BC, Djehuty did not place his tomb in the surrounding area of Deir el-Bahari, where the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut was erected, but he chose the hill of Dra Abu el-Naga for his eternal rest, half kilometer further to the north, because that's where the members of the 17th Dynasty were buried".
Hariri concluded "In my name and the name of those I represent, I offer my deepest condolences to the Greek Orthodox bishops and members of the community, hoping mercy and eternal rest to the patriarch.
They have set sail to the land of Grace and so They have reached the realm of God and sleep in their eternal rest," the placard reads.
Haunting, moving, sometimes angry and fading into eternal rest with a long silence, Mac-Gregor's fusion of spirituals with jazz and blues blurred the edges.
George Kinga Longoko, who was called to eternal rest at Juba Teaching Hospital after long illness on Monday morning at 9.
May the good Lord give you the fortitude to bear the loss" and "May God almighty grant her soul eternal rest (Amen).
You'll be going to your eternal rest in an environmentally friendly willow coffin which decomposes quickly.
The funeral service began with the Gregorian chant Grant Him Eternal Rest O Lord.
The appeals court voiced frustration with this case: "Like the legendary Phoenix, this class action litigation involving prison conditions in Puerto Rico is seemingly incapable of eternal rest .
And may eternal rest be granted to the main drafter of the rite for Holy Baptism, Hans Boehringer, and other members of the ILCW and the LTC who have gone to their rest, and may light perpetual shine upon them.