eternal life

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life without beginning or end

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For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.
With her enchanting signature combination of Jewish history and magical realism, Dara Horn explores the logical extremes of parental love, and the pitfalls of eternity, in her captivating new novel, Eternal Life.
He showed with his own life of perseverance that, indeed, it is the path to secure one's life and eternal life at that.
Though the exact phrase does not appear in 1:1, the revelation of eternal life in v.
The main specialty of this temple is this is one of the best temples of India and it is one of the historical places that plays an important role to attain the eternal life after death," said Vaishali.
com)-- [R]Royal Paws unveils to the public their Eternal Life Memorial monument pieces that display within its design the cremation ashes of the loved one or pet.
Their inclusion in the Easter story derives from the belief that they symbolise eternal life.
The Book Of The Dead is a compilation of around 200 separate spells and prayers, some of which have never been shown in public before, which would help the dead on their perilous journey towards eternal life.
a place where good people are believed in some religions to be rewarded with eternal life after death
When a mysterious alien race, the Kethani, offer Earthlings the gift of eternal life, they change the human world on all levels .
THE son of God may have paved the way for eternal life, but who'll look after the dug?
The fullness of the life Christ offers us is eternal life, life without limitations.
I've heard about God giving out eternal life, but this is the first time I've heard of him giving out cash," Jeff White, a Hobart police detective, told the Associated Press.
Only one who prays, that is, who entrusts himself to God with filial love, can enter into eternal life, which is God himself," added the Pontiff.