eternal life

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life without beginning or end

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For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life.
With her enchanting signature combination of Jewish history and magical realism, Dara Horn explores the logical extremes of parental love, and the pitfalls of eternity, in her captivating new novel, Eternal Life.
At Karen's funeral Mass at Our Lady of Immaculate Church in Darndale, Dublin, yesterday Keeva said: "We pray that mum is now in heaven and can now enjoy eternal life after her sickness.
This is perseverance, to be consistently a contemplative in action in the same way Gandhi was and gave birth to the nonviolent movement; in the same way Ignatius of Loyola did that led to the founding of the Society of Jesus; in the same way-the most excellent way-that Christ lived his life and opened for us the way to eternal life of justice, peace and love.
The first chapter (commonly referred to as the letter's "prologue") prefaces not only what immediately follows in 2:1-2 but also the whole letter by putting out in front God's word of eternal life revealed in the Son, Jesus Christ; the same word by which the truth of life in the community is both discerned and confessed.
In Time and Eternity (his 2001 Aquinas Medalist Address), Geach considers what it means to say that earthly inhabitants have a hope of eternal life after death.
Eternal life is 'the beyond reach whisper' we know exists, Or nothing.
A devotee, Vaishali said that it is one of the historical places where one offers prayers to eternal life after death.
He also thought that eternal life should be merited by the good that he did.
Basically: God offers us eternal life as a free gift.
Another question in the survey asked if many religions could lead to eternal life or only one's own religion.
com)-- [R]Royal Paws unveils to the public their Eternal Life Memorial monument pieces that display within its design the cremation ashes of the loved one or pet.
Their inclusion in the Easter story derives from the belief that they symbolise eternal life.
The Book Of The Dead is a compilation of around 200 separate spells and prayers, some of which have never been shown in public before, which would help the dead on their perilous journey towards eternal life.
a place where good people are believed in some religions to be rewarded with eternal life after death