eternal damnation

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the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell

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His "hellfire and brimstone" sermons focused on the internal torment of the soul and the eternal damnation of hell, which is best exemplified by Edwards's most famous sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.
Signed up by Swedenbased record label Sliptrick Records, the band recently released Eternal Damnation to critical acclaim.
Signed up by Sweden-based record label Sliptrick Records, the band recently released Eternal Damnation to critical acclaim.
Audacity to name his album Yeezus and make this the cover, just spiralling further into eternal damnation.
Rosica also said that he is doubtful whether a non- Christian who has rejected Christianity is tracing the path of salvation or has penetrated the way to eternal damnation.
In fact, even eternal damnation in a purgatory where they're forced to watch episodes of Mrs Brown's Boys being screened on an endless loop while wearing onesies made from wasps would be preferable.
Cwth gmc Eternal damnation is off the menu for the country.
The threat of eternal damnation was met with a yawn by many Catholics.
Almost daily, some official pounds the table and condemns Iran's enemies, usually left unnamed, to eternal damnation.
Ultimately, Gillihan rejects the notion of eternal damnation as incompatible with the concept of a loving God, and he also rejects the notion that every word of the Bible must be read and interpreted literally as "Fundamentalism's fatal flaw.
6 prayer vigil, told the Tribune that he believed only Christians will escape eternal damnation.
Most of us have been conditioned to read these texts in the light of the eternal damnation passages instead of reading the latter in the light of God's revealed purpose "to unite all things in him" (Eph.
If he believed and he was wrong, he risked being a fool, but if he did not believe and he was wrong, he risked eternal damnation.
But what does eternal damnation matter to one who has found in a second an infinity of pleasures?
The story then lurches into very strange sci-fi territory, as people get nose bleeds and there's talk of aliens and eternal damnation.