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Synonyms for etcetera

articles too small or numerous to be specified

Synonyms for etcetera

additional unspecified odds and ends

Related Words

continuing in the same way

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I'm equally proud that, with my own Etcetera business, I choose to give a portion of my proceeds to non-profits fighting breast cancer.
I don't know if Nugent, McSheffrey etcetera could cut the mustard in the Premiership, but at least they would give the 100% effort Boro's brilliant fans deserve.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Carlisle Etcetera LLC, a leader in the woman's luxury apparel segment, is pleased to announce the appointment of Terrence Moorehead as Chief Executive Officer effective November 2, 2015.
Founded in 1981, Carlisle Etcetera specializes in high-end women's fashion.
Amy Aguigui opened the doors of Etcetera in late 2009 at 28 N.
com)-- Grammy Recording Artist Etcetera will be making his way to New York this week for his performance at Gibson Guitar Studios for the Big Apple Music Series.
I think it speaks to the work that we're trying to do to get all of these working groups that we had under our counterterrorism cooperation back up and running - as you know, we had the counter-IED group, etcetera and to continue to support each other and share intelligence, etcetera," she said.
Alfonso Montiel said that the phenomenon is natural, but people's faith is what gives the symbol meaning: "Well nature makes a lot of movements everywhere in nature, I mean, in sounds, you know and in branches, etcetera etcetera.
The issue has always been and I am emphasising this, has always been that of integrity and honour and some of you who are in possession of all kinds of papers and letters and top secret files, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, are aware of what I have written from time to time that the issue is of integrity and honour, right from the time this came up or rather came to the forefront," General Singh told the media here on Thursday.
Minister also directed for medical examination of every Police Jawan from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to check against any communicable disease like hepatitis etcetera.
They even give a bit of history to the seeds, explain where they originated, how far back in time they go, etcetera.
The council "hereby declares that the sweat lodge, along with any form of Native Spirituality Practices, such as Powwows, Rain Dances etcetera, do not conform with the traditional practices and teachings of our Elders," the resolution reads.
Lower utility bills and council tax, etcetera, would do a lot more to help the lives of older people than a heap of Government and Welsh Assembly laws, spewing out their quango-backed plans for the radiant future.
In addition, I am fearful that like previous appeals it will transpire that large amounts of our donations never reach those in need and are used for admin etcetera.
It was clear to me that the meeting was aimed at clarifying Turkey's stand and presenting claims against us, like an international inquiry, compensation, etcetera.