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Synonyms for etcetera

articles too small or numerous to be specified

Synonyms for etcetera

additional unspecified odds and ends

Related Words

continuing in the same way

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A la par, este sector esta adoptando la movilidad, sobre todo con la llegada de las tabletas, telefonos inteligentes, la comunicacion Bluetooth, etcetera y el POS tambien va hacia ese camino.
Para derrocar este regimen explotador, es necesario que los trabajadores de todas las ramas tomemos conciencia de clase; unirnos en una lucha comun para arrojar del poder politico a la clase explotadora y a su gobierno; arrancarles todos los medios de produccion, como son las minas, el petroleo, la electricidad, las maquiladoras, etcetera, para que sean los propios trabajadores quienes se encarguen de su administracion en beneficio de todos los mexicanos.
Founded in 1981, Carlisle Etcetera specializes in high-end women's fashion.
She also go involved in the Festival of Trees events, taking on the design duties there in 2009, while, at the same time, preparing for the debut of her new business, Etcetera.
Etcetera is known internationally for his tracks with Beyonce, Shontelle and Broadway Musical Star Chester Gregory as well as for his recent soundtrack release for feature film Blackheart.
Club secretary Jan Saxton said: "We would be pleased to hear from any bowlers or ex-bowlers who may have any equipment, including bowls, waterproofs, bags etcetera, that they no longer use or want and would like to donate to our club.
Las quesadillas--asi le decimos a todas, incluso a las que no contienen quesillo--, que van rellenas de delicatessen como champinones, huitlacoche, flor de calabaza, chicharron prensado, picadillo, papa, etcetera.
I think it speaks to the work that we're trying to do to get all of these working groups that we had under our counterterrorism cooperation back up and running - as you know, we had the counter-IED group, etcetera and to continue to support each other and share intelligence, etcetera," she said.
Alfonso Montiel said that the phenomenon is natural, but people's faith is what gives the symbol meaning: "Well nature makes a lot of movements everywhere in nature, I mean, in sounds, you know and in branches, etcetera etcetera.
And yes I do drive a car, have gas fired central heating etcetera.
The issue has always been and I am emphasising this, has always been that of integrity and honour and some of you who are in possession of all kinds of papers and letters and top secret files, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, are aware of what I have written from time to time that the issue is of integrity and honour, right from the time this came up or rather came to the forefront," General Singh told the media here on Thursday.
They even give a bit of history to the seeds, explain where they originated, how far back in time they go, etcetera.
When you hear about the Israeli demographic crisis, your first thought is liable to go to the truism that, barring a major immigration or emigration to or from one side or the other, birth rates have predestined that at some point in the not-too-distant future there will be more Arabs than Jews living between the river and the sea, at which point Israel will cease to be both Jewish and democratic, etcetera etcetera.
35 Kilbeggan Tullamore Handicap Chase 3m1f ATR Card page 59 Key stat Willie Mullins has a 27% strike-rate at the course in the last five seasons and is represented by Etcetera Etcetera What they say Liam Burke, trainer of Surenaga "The fast ground will suit him and he's fresh, but the handicapper has probably found his limit.
Sarah Thomas, owner of designer handbag boutique Etcetera, was informed of the forthcoming changes in September last year.