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a terrorist organization organized in 1959 by student activists who were dissatisfied with the moderate nationalism of the traditional Basque party

the 7th letter of the Greek alphabet

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ETAS GmbH was founded in 1994, as a spin-off from Robert Bosch GmbH, the second largest automotive Tier One supplier in the world.
PMW 210 is also authorized to manage the ETAs as risk reduction/risk mitigation efforts.
These ETAs are paving the way for the DON's vision of the Naval Networking Environment in 2016.
In 2009, the DON began to develop ETAs to prepare for a successful migration of services from a contractor-owned, contractor-operated model to one that gives the government increased command and control (C2).
Setting a new standard in the automotive industry, Motorola and ETAS are partnering to address today's complex automotive market demands with highly integrated automotive tools.
Together, Motorola and ETAS will enable higher performance, greater integration, lower cost, and faster time-to-market by combining extensive knowledge of automotive architectures, automotive systems, and development tools.
The GAO report could not conclude with any certainty that the ETA program would ever save the government enough money to cover the cost of offering the accounts," said Helwig.
Paul Laemmle, the manager of eta Special Projects at eta College says, “Our aim, to take 60 candidates through a rigorous professional golf training programme which will culminate in the awarding of a National Diploma to successful students.
Charlene Lackay, Head of CSI at Momentum said: “Momentum welcomes the opportunity to build its legacy in sports development with eta Colleges.