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a piece of furniture with open shelves for displaying small ornaments

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Le salon est un endroit favorable a l'exposition ; la disposition est souvent accompagnee de moyens techniques tels que des etageres, des cadres, des eclairages particuliers ou des napperons qui delimitent une aire de protection.
There are touches such as the use for afternoon tea of etageres, the three-tier stands which carry finger sandwiches, fresh scones and jam and cream.
Chercheurs chevronnes aussi bien qu'inexperimentes tireront avantage d'une copie de reference sur leurs etageres.
Il n'est qu'a lire les inepties qui remplissent aujourd'hui les etageres [much less than]spiritualite [much greater than] de nos libriaries pour s'en convaincre.
In their early days of collecting the ceramic and glass forms that fill the etageres and wall "wedgies" in the living room and hallway (the former built by Jerry, the latter by local craftsman Chris Sizemore), the Penningtons often had to seek out the individual artists themselves in their homes and studios.
In drawers, closets, and chests of drawers, on the bottoms of trunks, chests, and tin-plated boxes, in storage bins and in attics, on shelves and etageres, in cellars, in pantries, on tables and windowsills, lay objects which were kept on hand just in case they might be useful, and objects which were used with everyday zeal for sewing, hammering, slicing, polishing, cutting, peeling and writing, all those sensitive and jeering objects, floating in the motionless ark of the city along with Mrs.
Extensive customer research and feedback drove many of the important features of the store's design and merchandise presentation, which include a new color palette, a more luxurious fitting room environment, area rugs, marble nesters, ceramic tiles, etageres, brass-rimmed windows and a brass door.
Elles viennent alors peupler la vitrine, les etageres et la cave que les restaurateurs ont baptisee [beaucoup moins que] les limbes [beaucoup plus grand que].
La tombe contient egalement un salon dore, une salle de bain en porcelaine noire, outre une chambre supplementaire contenant des etageres portant des livres, des acquisitions et des photos de Moubarak et sa famille.
The line includes an eclectic mix of styles and materials in beds, dressers, armoires, etageres, consoles, tables, desks and mirrors.
Hormis quelques ouvrages de photographies repertoriant les plus beaux jardins et parcs de Wallonie, ce qu'on trouve sur les etageres ne permet pas vraiment de se familiariser avec la litterature du 'plat pays' du centre de l'Europe.
En effet, les etageres du magasin sont bien garnies.
Also included in this auction is a fantastic collection of mid-century modern furniture featuring John Stuart, Tommi Parzinger, Knoll, and a large collection of modern chrome etageres.
A variety of summer salads, sandwiches, and light summer fare were placed on multilevel etageres.
Elle a rappele que sur les etageres de ces bibliotheques se trouvaient plus de 700.