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and others ('et al.' is used as an abbreviation of 'et alii' (masculine plural) or 'et aliae' (feminine plural) or 'et alia' (neuter plural) when referring to a number of people)

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Through our partnership with Vinum et Alia, we continue to expand our footprint in Italy while quickly earning fans throughout the country, who appreciate our unique brand and use of quality ingredients, including 100% fresh and never-frozen locally-sourced Italian beef, produced to our unique specifications.
The venue has been closed for a short period of time to allow the refurbishment into Et Alia and will open to the public today.
If it's the former: are Singer, Moore et alia now going to pursue legal action against W Korea?
Monoconfessional Anglican minicommunions Anglican Communion Network (ACN) 1,000,000 International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC) 950,000 Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) 280,000 14 other schismatic communions ex Anglicanism/ Episcopahanism, including: Anglican Church International Communion, Anglican Orthodox Communion (ACC), Communion of the Evangelical Episcopal Church (CEEC), Reformed Episcopal Church (REC), et alia 7,600,000 5.
Similarly problematizing traditional readings of early Romanticism, Saree Makdisi sets Erdman's account of Blake's America as telling 'essentially the story of a simple struggle between rulers and "oppressed"' in the American War of Independence alongside passages of the poem which seem to focus not on 'the work performed by Washington and Jefferson et alia, but on [.
et alia onera spiritualia eiusdem ecclesie sufficere et facere etc.
When Sum et alia analyze the distribution of scores internationally, they notice some interesting points:
IN AN ordered society, knighthoods would go to Martin Dodd and Peter Frosdick whose production company enshrines the Golden Age of the Musical, Carousel, 42nd Street, et alia and produces 22 traditional pantomimes.
Minister of Health and Community Services of New Brunswick et alia, 1999 and Winters v.
Erat quidam homo cum barba valde prolixa, indutus habitu medici, sedens, in cuius sinu erant pisides ungentorum et alia instrumenta ad medicinam pertinentia.
2] DFLdCh et alia; omitted O-T (54) how] apparently unique, Ha et alia read hou that; bot that O-T (54-64) Ouer .
The CREW implementation team from et alia brings many years of SAP software knowledge and practical construction industry experience to the JVIC project.
Investigations revealed that the suspects et alia used the warehouse to manufacture and store explosives and planned to attack security men, civilians and properties in order to destabilize the Kingdom of Bahrain and its economy.
Le deces, en 2012, de plusieurs figures de la scene culturelle nationale dont le dramaturge Ahmed Taieb El Alj, l'artiste Abderrahman Kirouche, alias Paco du groupe mythique [beaucoup moins que]Nass El Ghiwane[beaucoup plus grand que] et Alia Mjahed, l'interprete de l'inegalable [beaucoup moins que]Ennar El hamra[beaucoup plus grand que], a constitue une grande perte pour la scene culturelle et artistique nationale.
The key chapter in the novel is also dreamlike: in a castle in Sintra, Nisha and an eccentric Portuguese professor are taken by a Moorish princess on a ride into space-time to dialogue with Camoes, Vasco da Gama, Albuquerque, Dom Pedro, Santa Inez, Salazar, et alia.