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and others ('et al.' is used as an abbreviation of 'et alii' (masculine plural) or 'et aliae' (feminine plural) or 'et alia' (neuter plural) when referring to a number of people)

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US-based Et alia is a SAP Channel Partner that provides technology solutions aiming to help construction companies efficiently implement and better leverage their investments in enterprise resource planning.
et alia (2008): <<The content and nature of food advertising in german children's tv programming>>, American Academy of Advertising Conference Proceedings, 202-206.
If it's the former: are Singer, Moore et alia now going to pursue legal action against W Korea?
Unlike the plate spinners of the circus, however, we often find that our plates are not of uniform size and weight: recruitment, enrollment management, retention, development, assessment, budgets, curriculum, undergraduate research, study abroad, national student exchange, service learning, grant writing, editing, proof-reading, parent worries, student crises, et alia.
The financial future, the economics, for the producers, processor and marketeers, of butter, cheese, yoghurt et alia could all be drastically affected if the demand for organic milk becomes a dominant financial force in the overall economic.
The Alchemy of Desire, a voluminous novel running some 518 pages, is about the tides, the paroxysms and flaccidity, the intensity and dampness of sexual desire in newly wedded couples, libertines, homosexuals, voyeurs, lovers, et alia.
00--If one were to miss the subtitle, one might expect this to be a superficial summary of the thought of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, et alia, intended for a popular audience.
Monoconfessional Anglican minicommunions Anglican Communion Network (ACN) 1,000,000 International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC) 950,000 Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) 280,000 14 other schismatic communions ex Anglicanism/ Episcopahanism, including: Anglican Church International Communion, Anglican Orthodox Communion (ACC), Communion of the Evangelical Episcopal Church (CEEC), Reformed Episcopal Church (REC), et alia 7,600,000 5.
Restaurant chefs, chain chefs, culinary students, small-company chefs and institutional chefs not only made up a large portion of the audience, they were active and vocal with their desire for inclusion with the "big boys"--the Kraft, Kerry, ConAgra et alia of the field.
Similarly problematizing traditional readings of early Romanticism, Saree Makdisi sets Erdman's account of Blake's America as telling 'essentially the story of a simple struggle between rulers and "oppressed"' in the American War of Independence alongside passages of the poem which seem to focus not on 'the work performed by Washington and Jefferson et alia, but on [.
et alia onera spiritualia eiusdem ecclesie sufficere et facere etc.
When Sum et alia analyze the distribution of scores internationally, they notice some interesting points:
In conclusion, it is intriguing to speculate that, had such an advanced level of industrial production been achieved at such an early date, Abraham Darby, Richard Arkwright, et alia, might have been relegated in favour of the founders of the medieval equivalents of Britain's (toy soldiers) and the Early Learning Centre (sundries for infants
IN AN ordered society, knighthoods would go to Martin Dodd and Peter Frosdick whose production company enshrines the Golden Age of the Musical, Carousel, 42nd Street, et alia and produces 22 traditional pantomimes.
Minister of Health and Community Services of New Brunswick et alia, 1999 and Winters v.