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the wide part of a river where it nears the sea

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Across the estuary, near where the whalers lay, was lying the sloop-yacht Idler.
Here was no commonplace, no Oakland Estuary, no weary round of throwing newspapers at front doors, delivering ice, and setting up ninepins.
Powell we know taking solitary week-end cruises in the estuary of the Thames (with mysterious dashes into lonely creeks) but to the young Mr.
One had the sense of a backwater, or rather of an estuary, whose waters flowed in from the invisible sea, and ebbed into a profound silence while the waves without were still beating.
Also, by going out the Transit slip, by climbing down the piles on a precarious ladder of iron spikes, and by crossing a boom of logs, she won access to the Rock Wall that extended far out into the bay and that served as a barrier between the mudflats and the tide-scoured channel of Oakland Estuary.
They bobbed and bumped along up the estuary in countless thousands.
According to the Provisional Health Assessment by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (2008) undertaken to determine estuary condition, Durban Bay Estuary was found to be in a parlous state, placing the system in Category of E (seriously modified) and Orange River Mouth has been determined to be in a largely modified state as reflected by the D Category.
In the news release, US Senator Recognizes Conservation Efforts of Wenliang Wang, issued July 23, 2015 over PR Newswire, we are advised that the organization which issued the news should have read "China Dandong Yalu River Estuary Wetland Gushan Protection Station" as the source rather than "Mr.
A COCKLER says he will lose out on thousands of pounds as Natural Resources Wales close cockle beds on the Dee Estuary for the season.
6m bird reserve at Greatham Creek on the Tees Estuary.
The first building of Estuary, the luxury waterfront community in Weehawken, has commenced its leasing program, announced its developer, Hartz Mountain Industries.
OPPONENTS of plans to use Underground Coal Gasification (UGC) to turn hard-to-reach coal beneath the Loughor Estuary into gas met in Llanelli last night to discuss ways of fighting the proposals.
THE Mersey estuary has the "right conditions" for the development of a manmade lagoon, according to developers.
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