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of or relating to or found in estuaries


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seasonally and daily), it is prudent to evaluate weakfish estuarine movements within these time frames.
The little girl did a science fair project based on my PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED DISCOVERY of lionfish living in low-salinity estuarine habitats.
stuhlmanni, this is evidence that it may be completed inside the estuarine lake, rather than requiring a "seeding population" from the ocean.
Two previous studies compared diets of spot and croaker in Gulf estuarine habitats; Darnell (1958) investigated Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, and Parker (1971) studied Lake Borgne, Louisiana and Clear Lake/Galveston Bay, Texas.
Their research projects are not related to computer modeling or estuarine transport, so subject expertise is not necessary to teach this lesson.
Anthropogenic stressors have diminished the size and quality of coastal estuarine habitats in Southern California over the past century.
The Hudson River estuary, which stretches 153 miles from Troy to New York Harbor, is often considered one of the most significant estuarine habitats in the United States.
When the Estuarine Research Center transitioned to Morgan State University, George immediately saw this as an opportunity to engage an underserved student population.
Red tides are events in which estuarine, marine, or fresh water algae accumulate rapidly in the water column, resulting in coloration of the surface water.
The Audit has also been working with the Intergovernmental Coastal Advisory Group and the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts to assess marine, coastal and estuarine areas.
We tested the hypothesis using field data collected in June/July 2005, October 2005, July 2006, and October 2006 at five sites in Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Mississippi.
As part of its ongoing initiative to protect the Great Bay Estuary, ELF is tackling the single greatest risk to New Hampshire's sensitive estuarine waters: increased nitrogen levels.
2006) that "Exposure to Pfiesteria Species in Estuarine Waters Is Not a Risk Factor for Illness" is unsupported because a) a description of Pfiesteria-related fish kills in the Chesapeake estuaries during 1999-2002 was omitted; b) quantitative data on Pfiesteria were not collected; c) data on visual contrast sensitivity (VCS) were collected but not reported; d) a comprehensive list of other results was not presented; and e) data were lost due to a 30% attrition rate.
TERC and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Estuarine Research Reserve System is developing teaching and professional development materials about estuaries, watersheds, and related concepts.