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of or relating to or found in estuaries


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On my earliest outings, to the languid estuarial tributaries that feed into the Gulf of Mexico, I fished with a cane pole and live shrimp, watching as R.
The charity will monitor its role in carrying out rescues within the shallow estuarial waters of Afon Dwyryd and Afon Glaslyn near Porthmadog.
The estuarial coaster was owned by the Wincham Preservation Society, which was affiliated to and received most of its funding from the Friends of National Museums Liverpool.
The runway extension will be built up to be level with material dredged from a number of estuarial locations and then surfaced by Colas with more BBA asphalt.
Even today, the sheer density of wildlife is literally mind-boggling--inland and estuarial waters teem with fish and shrimp, and Louisiana is home to North America's primary migratory flyway, with flocks of songbirds and waterfowl darkening the sky.
Papers from the conference, 67 in all, are presented here under the headings: hydrological modeling, groundwater flow and remediation, reservoirs and lakes, coastal and estuarial problems, water quality, pollution control, river basin management, water management and planning, wastewater treatment and management, irrigation problems, residential water management, sustainable water use, and arid region problems.
In estuarial regions, loss of filtering capacity with ecological degradation directly affects the health of ocean species that we eat.
The benefit of Northumbrian Water's billion pound investment programme in coastal and estuarial sewage treatment works in the North-east, for example, is clearly demonstrated by the continued improvements in the quality of the region's bathing waters.
Burns Bog is a raised estuarial dome-shaped bog created when the super absorbent sphagnum moss allows the water to wick above the level of the surrounding land.
73 requires every person who is engaged in any capacity on a seagoing vessel of 200 GRT or more, engaged in the transport of cargo or passengers for the purpose of trade, and registered in a territory for which the Convention is in force (except wooden vessels of primitive build such as dhows and junks, fishing vessels and estuarial craft), to produce a certificate attesting to his fitness.
First geographic types: insular, peninsular, estuarial and rivermouth settlements (with illustrative figures).
The result has been pollution of the estuarial areas with wastewater from the ponds (contaminated with chemical medicines and biological waste), causing advanced eutrophication of the estuarial zone, occasional fish kills and the spread of diseases into wildlife populations.
The British government created the National Rivers Authority in 1989, with responsibilities for controlling pollution in inland, estuarial and coastal waters.
Coverage includes estuarial water quality, outfalls, overflows, river quality, sea quality, sewage, sewer development, sewer flooding, sewer refurbishment, sewer rehabilitation, sewerage disposal, sewerage management, sewerage plant, sewerage pumping station, sewerage sludge, sewerage treatment, sewers, telemetry, and treatment works.