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Synonyms for estrus

a regular period of sexual excitement in female mammals

Synonyms for estrus

applies to nonhuman mammals: a state or period of heightened sexual arousal and activity

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The main criterion for estrus detection was acceptance of mounting by other cows, and the first detection of this behavior was considered the time of onset of standing estrus.
Chagunda, "On the Use of Physical Activity Monitoring for Estrus Detection in Dairy Cows," J.
The estrus detection problem: New concepts, technologies, and possibilities.
1991) found 83% of fertility in dairy goats treated only with 3mg Norgestomet; a result higher than expected that was attributed to the use of bucks for the estrus detection and to the fact that the goats were in breeding, not in anestrous, season.
Common causes of longer calving-to-conception intervals are: failure of high-producing cows to cycle early in the postpartum period and unsatisfactory estrus detection.
Estrus detection and artificial insemination: Estrus was detected twice daily at 06:00 and 18:00 h.
Dr Honnappagol as a Veterinary Gynaecology has worked in areas of early induction of post partum ovarian activity, spot diagnostic test for estrus detection and management of repeat breeders in bovines.
Estrus detection using radiotelemetry or visual observation and tail painting for dairy cows on pasture.
With the advent of commercially available prostaglandin F and its analogues in the 1970s, estrous synchronization systems were developed to assist producers to incorporate AI into their operations by reducing time and labor associated with estrus detection.
Assessment of estrus detection by visual observation and electronic detection methods and characterization of factors associated with estrus and pregnancy in beef heifers.
Number of litters per sow per yr is increased by minimizing nonproductive days, lactation length, days from weaning to post-weaning estrus, and sow deaths, and by improving estrus detection and conception rates.