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(of lower mammals) showing or in a state of estrus

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I hadn't sat very long when an estrous doe trotted by on a nearby terrain rise with a sizable 10-point buck in tow.
The period of estrus was determined by assessment of estrous behavior, in which pressure was applied manually to the sow's back in the presence of the boar.
Estrous cycle changes were determined by preparation of vaginal smear at a distinct time in the morning (7-8 AM) during the experimental period.
Spontaneous oscillator synchrony has been documented in a wide variety of electrical, mechanical, chemical, and biological systems, including the menstrual cycles of women and estrous cycles of Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus).
As females reach puberty, serum concentrations of sex hormones are modified due to normal fluctuations in the estrous cycle.
The discussions are posed as questions, such as what is the technique for collecting semen from male dogs, what effect does hypothyroidism have on fertility, what is the technique for anesthesia for Cesarean section, what are the normal parameters for the estrous cycle in queens, and what are normal physical examination findings at various ages in puppies and kittens.
This was carried out by daily vaginal smear at 10:00-11:00AM after completion of CTX injections and for eight weeks following the intervention to check for the number of normal estrous cycle changes.
To test their hypothesis, the researchers tracked the estrous cycle in adult female rats.
The menstrual cycle in humans and other primates and the estrous cycle in rats and mice involve constantly changing levels of reproductive hormones in the blood and brain.
In the cow, 2 and 3 waves of follicular development were observed in the estrous cycle.
The e-Log[TM] system, a rugged PDA systems from Osborne Industries, uses integrated data-entry/data reporting systems with REID systems to manage data for their TEAM[TM]sow management systems including software, ESF stations, and estrous detection stations.
A beef cow has a 21-day estrous cycle, the period from one estrus, or heat, to the next.
The group is currently freezing the egg cell for storage and plans to implant the cell in wombs of a different female cat next month or so when cats usually enter their estrous cycle.