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Synonyms for status

Synonyms for status

positioning of one individual vis-à-vis others

the level of credit or respect at which one is regarded by others

an established position from which to operate or deal with others

a person's high standing among others

manner of being or form of existence

Synonyms for status

a state at a particular time


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However, patient race, estrogen receptor status and progesterone receptor status were not associated with increased risk.
The first 2 years of the study included women with tumor diameters up to 4 cm regardless of estrogen receptor status, but in 1996 investigators limited eligibility to women with tumors of 2 cm or less with positive or unknown estrogen-receptor status.
The amount of information extracted in this fashion dwarfs that obtainable via the handful of individual prognostic markers traditionally used in breast cancer, such as patient age, estrogen receptor status, tumor size and histology and axillary node status.
SAN ANTONIO -- Misdiagnoses of breast cancer patients' estrogen receptor status have increased sharply since pathology laboratories' near-universal shift from ligand-binding assay to immunohistochemistry, according to Dr.
46-fold higher risk of dying, compared with women in the 45-49 age group, a finding that persisted even after adjustment for estrogen receptor status (BMJ 320[7233]:474-79, 2000).
There was no difference in tumor estrogen receptor status based upon whether a woman had used antidepressants: 25% of women with a history of antidepressant use had estrogen receptor-negative tumors, as did 23% of patients who'd never used antidepressants.
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