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an antagonist for estrogen that is used in the treatment of breast cancer


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The simultaneous treatment of both cell lines each with isoflavones and the pure estrogen antagonist ICI 182,780 suppressed estrogenic effects induced by the test substances.
It is thought to have an estrogen antagonist effect on breast tissue and an estrogen agonist effect on bone and endometrium.
A complete estrogen antagonist in the uterus, raloxifene was initially put on the shelf after a phase II trial showed that it caused no response in women with metastatic breast cancer refractory to tamoxifen, he said.
Estrogen antagonist on uterus and breast: No increase in risk of uterine or breast cancer or endometrial bleeding.
Idoxifene, an estrogen antagonist that exhibits residual beneficial agonist properties, high receptor affinity, and a prolonged duration of action, was synthesized and evaluated by the Institute of Cancer Research.
The estrogen antagonist ICI 164384, for example, attenuates the effects of cadmium on gene expression.
Tamoxifen, regarded as an estrogen antagonist in the adult breast but an agonist during development and in the adult liver, also acted in an estrogenic manner in the developing mammary gland.
The objectives of the first phase of the OECD validation work were to a) demonstrate, in immature and adult OVX rats, the dose-response relationship between uterine weight and a reference estrogen using two possible routes of administration--oral gavage and subcutaneous injection; b) investigate intra- and interlaboratory variation and identify any appropriate protocol refinements; c) compare the performance of the protocols; and d) demonstrate the feasibility of the protocols to identify potential antiestrogenic activity using a pure estrogen antagonist.
These are agents that--unlike distinct estrogen agonists or estrogen antagonists, which either boost or block estrogen--selectively enhance estrogenic activity in some tissue while inhibiting estrogenic activity in other tissue.
FCE activated the expression of estrogen responsive reporter genes in MCF-7 cell lines while estrogen antagonists like tamoxifen downregulated the effects.
uk/), since 1995, there has been a less clear trend in the number of estrogen antagonists under development for this indication.
SERMS (selective estrogen receptor modulators) are a heterogeneous group of compounds that are able to bind to the estrogen receptor and have "tissue specific" effects in that they function as estrogen agonists in some tissues and estrogen antagonists in other tissues.