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Synonyms for estrangement

Synonyms for estrangement

the act of estranging or the condition of being estranged

an interruption in friendly relations

Synonyms for estrangement

separation resulting from hostility


Related Words

the feeling of being alienated from other people

References in classic literature ?
It is plain that she has loved him, throughout the estrangement between them.
She may have done so, in the fear that it would lead, if known, to some objection or estrangement.
In the resolution not even to avoid Mr Meagles's house, lest, in the selfish sparing of himself, he should bring any slight distress upon the daughter through making her the cause of an estrangement which he believed the father would regret, there might have been a little merit.
Pickwick with the unsatisfactory result of his visit to Birmingham, she burst into tears, and sobbing aloud, lamented in moving terms that she should have been the unhappy cause of any estrangement between a father and his son.
She is beautifully attentive, for example, to how Reed's 1976 Tom registers a cynical critique of the Black Power movement, while Alexander's later reappropriation of Tom registers the frustration of the civic estrangement that arose after Rodney King's beating.
Nicholson's focus on the paradoxical union of intimacy and estrangement at the heart of classical rhetoric necessarily reframes the now familiar history of English self-fashioning in the sixteenth century.
The report highlighted the estrangement of Aboriginal communities from the justice system despite being incarcerated at a much higher rate than the general population.
Their reunion after 14 miserable years of estrangement is far from happy.
Divided into three movements, the book shifts with impressive ease from author-centered chapters to chapters focusing on literary techniques of estrangement and translation, to chapters organized typologically around the figures of the slave and the woman who exemplify the way we abject most the strangers we most need.
and Cuba after decades of estrangement is proof sanctions don't work, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said.
According to Grazia magazine, the couple wishes to renew their vows because they want to get their 14-year marriage back on track after a brief period of estrangement, the Mirror reported.
Therefore, Pamela Patton's engaging Arts of Estrangement is a welcome and much needed contribution to an area of Iberian studies that merits far more study than it has received.
He is expected to be deported from Egypt, which has recently said it is ready to open a new chapter in ties with Iran after around 30 years of estrangement.
Indeed, Suvin's notions of cognitive estrangement and the novum gave the genre the sort of theoretical heft that made it worthy of academic study in the first place.
Our current estrangement from nature, however, is making us unhealthy.