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Synonyms for estragon

aromatic perennial of southeastern Russia

fresh leaves (or leaves preserved in vinegar) used as seasoning

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At the People's, Gordon Russell and Steve Robertson are playing Estragon and Vladimir in what the company calls an "emotive, contemplative and humorous masterpiece".
Estragon searches for what they did yesterday, while it is replied with the same question by Vladimir.
Estragon (Richard Heap) and Vladimir (Peter Cadden) swap philosophies, criticisms and insults as they wait for the enigmatic Godot.
A lot of talk about growth is heard on radio and TV but, like of conversations between Vladimir and Estragon, nothing is being done.
Thus, Estragon and Vladimir try to remember what they did the previous day.
Vladimir y Estragon: no se saben sus antecedentes, en la microsecuencia inicial, simplemente aparecen en escena y, por lo que se dice de ellos se afirma que son dos vagabundos; por ejemplo, sus bienes son pocos y los identifican: Vladimir tiene un sombrero, Estragon posee unos zapatos y una zanahoria como alimento; "otra teoria es que podrian ser refugiados o solda dos desplazados de un conflicto como la Segunda Guerra Mundial (.
the immortal words of the two geezers - Estragon and Vladimir - the main characters of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, perhaps best describe the play that cannot be defined in one simple explanation.
In "Waiting for Godot," the friendship between Vladimir (Stewart) and Estragon (McKellen) is the only thing that's keeping Western civilization from sinking back into the primordial mud.
McKellen playe a d Estragon and Stewart Vladimir in Waiting for Godot at the Theatre Royal in London's West End four years ago.
Like a modern-day Vladimir and Estragon in Waiting for Godot, Ratu (a kingly title) and Jope (urban slang for weed) are friends of unequal intelligence waiting for the cannibals they have been warned by the shark god are coming to avenge the cocaine theft.
Though lasting well over two hours, this is a production in which time flies - for the audience if not for long-suffering Vladimir and Estragon.
The Samuel Beckett masterpiece features an all-black cast and sees Patrick playing Estragon to Jeffery's Vladimir - two men waiting endlessly for the elusive Godot.
Just before Pozzo and Lucky make their first appearance in the play, Vladimir and Estragon have a brief conversation about character:
Na versao inglesa, estabelece-se uma especie de equalizacao de Estragon em relacao a seu julgamento dos outros, ja que nao ha muita diferenca de nivel entre quem diz "ignorant apes ', que e comicamente excessivo, e aqueles a que a expressao se dirige, o que atenua esse julgamento e o torna ambiguo.
To bring such messages home, Bennett offers critical readings of Waiting for Godot and its protagonists, Estragon and Vladimir, in detail.