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an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)

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Peppers' career also included her role as an Estimator Assistant with JRM Construction Management, creating ftp links and input drawings, preparing trades lists, managing subcontractor proposals, preparing project proposals and sealed bid and creating leveling sheets for purchase orders.
The major software used in state estimators is utility state estimation software and power control center software.
Cost estimators can also provide improved decision support with a better understanding of group dynamics.
The participants discussed international experiences in the field of estimation in the Kingdom, proposals for enhancing the mission of the newly established commission of estimators, and the need for developing a set of criteria for making estimation.
In response, researchers have developed a variety of "shrinkage" estimators to obtain a more valid and reliable measure of hospital quality in the presence of random variation, that can vary substantially across hospitals according to sample size.
This directory is very useful for customers who want an accurate estimation service as well for estimators to get a chance to display their name in the directory.
Another approach, which is generally applicable to all estimators, has been to conduct sampling experiments with different simultaneous equation models using small samples of data which have been artificially generated [34], [30], [6], [33], [20], [23], [10] and [11].
Using test models having different degrees of anisotropy, we based our tests on the RMS errors and mean errors (bias) of the estimators.
In "Multidimensional Credibility Theory," we state the credibility model and the estimators in our multidimensional setup.
Participants were categorised as over-estimators, under-estimators or accurate estimators according to the difference between their self-estimate of ability and an objective measure.
DS] is more efficient than above all the estimators if
The CD is an electronic version of the handbook with the addition of interactive production estimators and owning and operating cost estimators.
But it's the use of an extensive database that distinguishes ISO HomeValue from other insurance-to-value estimators, Davis said.
At each level of concurvity, there were some estimators for which the alternative estimator did not inflate the type I error rate; for several of the models the type I error was not inflated at any level of concurvity.