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Synonyms for estimate

calculate roughly

approximate calculation


Synonyms for estimate

to calculate approximately

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a rough or tentative calculation

Synonyms for estimate

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Estimative cost information arises from target costing and the process may be used for the amendment of various features when their value is not consistent with the anticipated costs of production.
5% were excluded from the sample in order to eliminate outlier strategies, estimative errors, or pure indexers.
Ten out of the 21 articles selected showed an association between some aspect of diet and estimative of the quantity of body fat (1113,17,20,25-28,30), measured by different methods.
Individual analysis, joint analysis and genetic parameters estimative for the traits heart of palm basal weight (HPBW), heart of palm apical weight (HPAW), heart of palm weight (HPW), billets number (BN), heart of palm diameter (HPD) and heart of palm length (HPL) of half--sibs of peach palm (Bactris gasipaes Kunth.
Le ministre de l'Industrie et des Mines a affirme que ce texte de loi s'appuie sur le principe de la declaration estimative pour permettre aux entreprises de beneficier des mesures de soutien.
effort goes into estimative questions because these are the most
It draws on existing prediction methodologies used in organizational planning and problem solving, science and engineering, law, and economics to make intelligence predictions, and details defining the intelligence issue; conceptual frameworks and models for intelligence analysis; understanding denial, deception, and signaling; systems, network, and geospatial and temporal modeling and analysis; and the estimative process, its methodology, forces that shape future events and situations, and how to apply scenario creation and simulation modeling.
Leaves from plants with three years were used to the estimative of equations in linear, quadratic and potential models.
The astringency (protein-precipitation property) depends on the concentration and on the composition of tannins on plant leaf (Haslam, 1988) thus, astringency should be proportional to tannin concentration and provide a good estimative of defence.
We estimate absolute discretionary accruals based on the Modified Jones Model (Dechow, Sloan, & Sweeney, 1995), as a proxy of earnings management, and we model the regression estimative including a country variable in order to capture the differences among the groups of countries.
The final estimative response model equations, eliminating the insignificant variables to estimate PADA synthesis, are as follows:
In this Darmstadt case study, the first approach was carried out using an estimative U-factor-based method and in an one-step iteration of modeling results from different scenarios.
However, two years later Sax questioned this estimative arguing that the author had included patients without genital ambiguity, such as those with Turner and Klinefelter syndromes and the nonclassical form of congenital adrenal hyperplasia and suggested that the incidence of DSD with genital ambiguity would be actually 0.
In this way, according to an estimative perspective given by the World Health Organization (WHO), major depressive disorder will be the second health problem worldwide by the year of 2020 [246].