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Synonyms for estimate

calculate roughly

approximate calculation


Synonyms for estimate

to calculate approximately

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a rough or tentative calculation

Synonyms for estimate

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The SwiftEstimator is a Web-based portal that gives 24/7 access to a comprehensive suite of cost estimating tools and cost data via the Internet.
Criteria included ease of use, strengths of a model estimating system, and ability to standardize a system within an agency that spans multiple sites and administers thousands of projects.
Timberline Estimating comes in Standard and Extended Editions and provides fast, accurate takeoff tools, a variety of ways to view and analyze the estimate, presentation-quality reports and a direct transfer of the estimate into Timberline's construction accounting software.
Simultaneous, shared access to RSMeans estimating data online.
When estimating projects out-of-town (more than six hours of travel time) and staffing the project with the organization's equipment and personnel, evaluate using sub-contractors for certain portions of the work vs.
We are interested primarily in estimating the association between A(t) and survival, [beta], while treating as nuisance parameters the underlying hazard functions,
The Court did not say that Fior D'Italia's method was not acceptable and did not rule out the use of other reasonably accurate methods for estimating tips, leaving employers to develop other methods more suitable to their particular situation.
As the spotlight on environmental issues becomes more focused, cleanup technology and equipment improve and estimating cleanup costs becomes easier, earlier recognition of liabilities in financial statements may result, bringing greater structure and consistency to environmental accounting.
12)The methodology for estimating the new computer series, the annual levels of which are derived by dividing current dollar figures by the BEA price index for computers, is described in Armitage and Tranum, "Industrial Production.
The big, and politically sticky, issue surrounding the TTBF has been in estimating the yield of a nuclear explosion once it has been detected and identified as such.
K, the two-stage regression process involves first estimating the marginal association between Y and Z using a first-stage regression model of Y against Z for each city, ignoring X.
Estimating the occurrence of foodborne diseases is daunting.
In addition, the physical counts must be performed on a regular and consistent basis, and proper adjustments must be made to the inventories and estimating methods.
Congress was sympathetic to the problems inherent in accurately estimating corporate taxes, stating that --
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