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Synonyms for clearance

Synonyms for clearance

the act or process of eliminating

Synonyms for clearance

the distance by which one thing clears another

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vertical space available to allow easy passage under something

permission to proceed

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Renal function needs to be measured prior to commencement and monitored in clients using PrEP by measuring serum creatinine and calculating the estimated creatinine clearance.
Table 1 shows the demographic characteristics, blood and bone lead levels, and serum uric acid and creatinine and estimated creatinine clearance categorized by genotype.
Our first case highlights another important point: that it is critically important to calculate the estimated creatinine clearance in patients before starting tenofovir, and if it is <50 ml/min, tenofovir should not be used.
The three groups were matched for estimated creatinine clearance (CrCI) and had comparable gender, age, and time since transplantation.
Small increases in serum creatinine (a value used to estimate kidney function) with resulting decreases in estimated creatinine clearance (by Cockroft-Gault) were observed in this study.
A cutoff of 80 mL/min was selected for normal estimated creatinine clearance (15).
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