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Synonyms for estimate

calculate roughly

approximate calculation


Synonyms for estimate

to calculate approximately

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a rough or tentative calculation

Synonyms for estimate

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Under what method should a regular corporation compute its estimated tax payments when its prior year return was an S return?
The statement should include (1) the estimated amount of the expected NOL; (2) the reasons for the expected loss; and (3) the amount of the expected reduction in taxes attributable to the carryback of the current year's expected NOL.
For accounting method changes under the automatic consent procedures, taxpayers could take the new method into account in determining the estimated tax payment for a particular installment period if they file a copy of Form 3115, Application for Change in Accounting Method, with the IRS National Office on or before the last day of the annualization period (Prop.
0087 to the data, with an estimated standard error of 0.
Nevertheless, the conservative factor chosen by one facility reduced estimated PM emissions by several tons per year.
Her 1992 estimated tax payments total $10,000, which equals 100% of her 1991 tax liability.
Commonly, in the analysis of time series, A(t) is estimated by the daily average of the concentrations observed at fixed-site ambient monitoring stations.
The porterhouse steak dinner contained 1,860 calories and 125 grams of fat, but the dietitians on average estimated 1,239 calories and 64 grams of fat.
On April 16, 1993, Tax Executives Institute sent the following comments to the Department of the Treasury concerning the corporate estimated tax rules of the Internal Revenue Code.
14, "Reasonable Estimation of the Amount of a Loss," provides guidance on recording a liability when a range of probable loss can be estimated.
Previously, manufacturing capacity had been estimated largely at the level of major two-digit industry groups of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC).
A breakdown of the estimated IT budget by technology for each of the top 10 companies
6654 regulations (TD 9224, 9/1/05) clarify the treatment of joint estimated tax payments and the determination of estimated tax payments.
Foodborne salmonellae are estimated to cause [approximately equal to] 1.
In the second stage of the analysis, the estimated city-specific regression slopes for the health-effect-versus-PM model are regressed against the estimated city-specific regression slopes for the confounder-versus-PM model.