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(art) the branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste (emphasizing the evaluative criteria that are applied to art)

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First, structural anthropology emerges out of a set of esthetic questions; second, these esthetic questions raised by anthropological "data" have implications for esthetic theory and specifically the esthetics of modern art.
Blackwell Publishing (Boston, MA) has acquired the "Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry," the official journal of nine dental societies around the world, and "Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research" from BC Decker (Hamilton, ON).
Her maxillary central incisors were broad and could be reduced interproximally for esthetics to a more favorable width-to-height ratio.
The second edition of Esthetic Dentistry: A Clinical Approach to Techniques and Materials is an excellent resource for this growing trend.
Homemade Esthetics offers cogent and accessible arguments about the nature of contemporary art.
The objectives of this study were firstly to assess the effect of the current curriculum on knowledge of anterior dental esthetics in dental graduates.
He discusses the impact of dental esthetics on quality of life; facial esthetics; the composition of an esthetic and functional dentoalveolar gingival unit or periodontal restorative interface, which takes into account the periodontal health of the bone, gingiva, interdental papillae, teeth, and biological space; treatments for gingival recession and tooth deficiencies, including implantation; and periodontal and implant treatment, such as crown lengthening procedures and connective tissue grafts.
The editors have organized the contributions that make up the main body of the text in ten chapters devoted to ethics considerations in esthetic dentistry, patient examination and assessment, the psychology of dental esthetics, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
com)-- LEARN School of Esthetics and Medical Esthetics is now open with LaDonna McWhorter, an Esthetics Instructor and Makeup Artist recognized as an experienced and knowledgeable skin care specialist and actively practicing clinical skin care.
Expert oncology esthetician, author, and founder of Health Challenged Esthetics (HCE) Morag Currin has developed the Morag Currin Method of Oncology Esthetics, which enables licensed skin care professionals, through training and certification, to deliver effective treatments to clients with health-challenged skin.
Their topics include general principles in dental and dentofacial esthetics, dentist-patient communication during esthetic analysis integrating provisional esthetic rehabilitation in the treatment plan, the esthetic restoration of anterior teeth, luting protocol for all-ceramic restoration, and soft tissue management for as esthetic aspect in implant dentistry.
But those who are coming of age now are the readers whom Greenberg's long-overdue Homemade Esthetics will, one hopes, reach.
A more self-conscious attention to crosscultural esthetics could be found in the sections devoted to the Sudan and Ethiopia, in part because so many of these artists are expatriates who trained in art schools in Europe or the U.
If survival has no place in the esthetics of transcendence, perhaps this is because it is a form of being that is somewhat undecided, ambivalent, about the dialectic of art and indeed the direction of life.
It would take the genius and corrupt opportunism of Fontana to move with agility through this obstacle course of postfascist esthetics after his return from Argentina in 1947.