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one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature


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Liang Shiqiu subsequently wrote an article in Chinese entitled "The Estheticism of Oscar Wilde," which is included in his collection The Romantic and the Classical (Taipai: Wenxing Book Store, 1965).
At some point the program is to bid farewell to its participants allowing them to fall like the golden leaves of autumn each flowing in a different direction with nothing more than the teachings of the masters of music estheticism themselves, and their values to guide them on their path to stardom.
My criticism of her claims about women writers and estheticism is ultimately a form of praise--as a scholar of fiction, I wanted more about fiction, a whole book about the rise of the woman's art novel rather than a chapter about the absence of the woman's science novel.
There is a clear ludic intention in this estheticism that calls attention to itself: it is up to the reader to decide whether to be amused or annoyed by the preciosite.
The Edwardsian approach to beauty surpasses the estheticism and the moralism that cramps many alternative Christian efforts to elaborate a theological esthetic.
Estheticism is sometimes confused with upper-class snobbery and the acquisition of expensive objects.
The basic trait of Bloomsbury is a mixture of philosophic rationalism, political rationalism, estheticism, and a cult of the individuality [sic].
Ever the foe of estheticism, Jones has been recognized for his ability to treat lower-class characters with dignity and without sentimentality, one of the attributes that made a smash success of the earlier From Here to Eternity (1951).
Tullio, in many ways an emblem of decadent estheticism, sees Giuliana's very reproductive ability, her fertility (she conceived a child after one extra-marital encounter), as a sign of inferiority, an animalistic prerogative of the lower-class "femmine calde" (11).
Ceremonialism was important precisely because the sacraments were seen as vehicles of grace; the "beauty of holiness" was not mere estheticism.
Watching the World Cup matches from France provided soccer coaches all over the world with a panorama of the ultimate in athletic estheticism and a wealth of intriguing and useful tactical information.
Nonetheless, the image with which d'Aubigne's writing culminates seems to say that estheticism will remain and female self-expression will persist, just as the text of Les tragiques stands as a paradoxical marker of this final moment of the male poet's silencing.
These essays address an audience that has never read a work of critical theory, and invite it to indulge itself in a sort of vicarious Luddite estheticism.
The female estheticism is more sensitive, and I'm happy to be a part of it.
Hemingway's brand of estheticism is perhaps less far removed from Faulkner's than we may suspect, their mutual interest in androgynous figures probably not a coincidence.