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  • noun

Synonyms for aesthetician

a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc

a philosopher who specializes in the nature of beauty


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From a group of dedicated and caring staff of more than 25,000 professional massage therapists and estheticians, winners were recognized for their high levels of professionalism, exceptional client care and consistently upholding the tenants of therapeutic touch.
At Massage Envy Spa, we are proud to recognize the therapists and estheticians who display the utmost in professionalism and care to our members and guests while remaining true to providing a convenient pathway to wellness," said CG Funk, vice president of industry relations and product development for Massage Envy Spa.
It also would increase the focus on the esthetician, an important decision maker for skin care products in physician offices, medical spas, spas, and salons.
Each location features highly trained PURECONSULTANTS, estheticians, and stylists who are available to consult with customers regarding product purchases and salon services.
Her professional experience in skin care spans more than 20 years as an esthetician, salon manager, educator, and spa consultant.
As the product becomes available, Murad estheticians suggest that consumers be introduced to the Home Facial Kit with a 3-pronged approach.
Estheticians can now extend the professional benefits with the home use facial.
Her products are currently being distributed by a local esthetician who operates a day spa, as well as an alternative gift store in Niagara Falls.