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in a tasteful way

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John Duff's new enamel and fiberglass wall sculptures are among the most esthetically exquisite, precious work I've seen in a while.
That they were produced on a manual typewriter doesn't hurt either; a medium's obsolescence cues us to see it esthetically.
Advances in synthetic materials and patch design have led to patches that are more esthetically acceptable and that are capable of delivering sustained dosing of active compounds for several days in a smaller package.
Esthetically, Viti's paintings assert aura and religiosity in defiance of those who think those qualities are passe and regressive, offering consolation, and signs of self-repair.
Thus they are regressive compared to the figures which eloquently solve the age-old problem of how art can deal with irreparable suffering without turning it into an esthetically seductive image that either undermines or exploits its pathos--an image that in effect tries to imagine the unimaginable but gruesomely real.