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concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

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Dancing movement is also an intersection point of various codes, such as social, esthetical, (re)presentational, theatrical, and choreographic ones and thereby it acquires a symbolic character as a partially objectivated and conventionalized expression structure.
The tattooed body gains its meanings at the crossroads of different discourses: medical, esthetical, art etc, and this mixture of references can be found in the narratives of persons trying to account for, and give a meaning to their own body, and thus to themselves.
In cultural heritage conservation, not only the visual aspect and its esthetical understanding of the site is important, but also all the factors, which make up this site.
One of the major drawbacks to the applications of anodized titanium with esthetical value is the chromatic alteration that greasy traces of oily substances cause on its surface, which therefore presents issues of easy soiling.
They say they refuse a political and accept only an esthetical debate about their work.
Taking care of culture makes not only emotional, esthetical and moral, but also practical sense.
1) have been used to emphasize building facade in terms of esthetical design.
The esthetical aspect of all the patients operated was significantly improved (Fig.
Experts have long started questioning the esthetical qualities of these monuments as well as their location and quality.
When I tried it myself, the first one I came up was: "Tomoyuki kind-of often engages esthetical allegories.
The nonfunctional demands express the limitations to the functioning of the system, the expected level of reliability, the esthetical demands, the economical demands, respecting the standards, the deadlines, the customer satisfaction, the influence to the environment etc.
Priests afflicted with the dreaded edifice complex can too easily fall under the spell of brick-and-mortar hobgoblins that will drain parish coffers and build to your esthetical horror the Winchester Mystery House of Worship.
The insightful accounts of teachers' lives are not neutral, not only in a moral sense, but also in an emotional and even an esthetical sense of the word.
The name Bugatti stands for precision, quality and uniqueness of workmanship in automobiles of high technical and esthetical appeal.
We are paying extra attention to the esthetical qualities that this project should reflect.