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concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

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Thus, maintaining and improving the physical and mental state of health, socialization, motor, mental and socio-cultural education of individuals, esthetical education, physical development, the ability to sustain effort, competing and communicating with others and with oneself, accomplishing performance-related aspirations are only some of the benefits of practicing dancesport.
Intentional Indifference as Ethical and Esthetical Choice
Where the standards incorporate esthetical elements, industrial designs may also be relevant.
A good example here is the school that Elina Saarinen established by himself and his goal was the improvement of creating through serious and simultaneous communications with other arts and philosophical and esthetical thoughts.
However, by studying it and the activities conducted in it, we can learn a lot about ourselves--about the state of the nation and its inhabitants--from many perspectives: economic, esthetical, geographical, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and sometimes, sartorial.
Aside from this technical difference in the divergence measures used in this current paper, the difference from the previous works is essentially esthetical.
Coatings based on UCECOAT 7788 are tack-free before cure, offering ease of use without compromising on esthetical aspect.
The image of the district had been improved Housing had been refurbished improving not only spatial conditions but also the add-on of personal and esthetical elements.
17) Surgical excision is the treatment of choice in the management of venous aneurysm of the neck for the fear of risk of thrombosis, possible fear of rupture, and for cosmetic and esthetical reasons.
By criteria of expressiveness, modern and contemporary choreographers attempt to revaluate some body segments ignored or refused by classical ballet codified according to esthetical "rules" of seventeenth-century codes of elegance.
This enlists categories of problems such as: logical, semantic, gnosiological, methodological, ontological, axiological, ethical and esthetical.
Texts by Hugo Jamioy Juagibioy, Anastasia Candre Yamakuri and Alba Lueia Cuellar are presented in order to trigger dialogue scenarios allowing different cosmonogies to approach each other as an essential element to appreciate the esthetical value of this literature.
The study pursues postmodernism, hesitating and moving forms and formulae, emphasizing these translations among physical, esthetical and the moral spaces.
In the social sciences plan we find the axiological neutrality thesis, initiated last century by the German socialist Max Weber that links the universal validity of science to the demand that the scientist be forbidden to project in his research his valuable judgements and his esthetical and political preferences.