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one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature


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Vivien Raynor, "A Rogues' Gallery of Artists and Esthetes," The New York Times (October 24, 1993): 12WC.
By the way, your logo is aberrant to say the least: "Caters to the craven complexes of overeducated esthetes while also pleasing the autodidact lumpenproletariat.
These were clearly the Olmec blues so admired and sought by esthetes and scholars.
Her lulling rhythms are a fine example of the narcotic function which art takes on in the hands of liberal esthetes, who turn it into a new and more perfect form of dope, though of course one not intended for the people.
Another chapter of The Forgotten Female A esthetes seeks to recover Alice Meynell, who was never really quite lost.
In this respect Wilde parts from his fellow esthetes to associate himself with John Henry Newman, who saw that in poems rhyme shares with diction the conveyance of sense.
This becomes the focus of Housman's elegiac poetry, as he loses the object of his affection to the middle-class, heterosexual aims of the unassuming, science-minded-and heterosexual-Jackson, who mocks esthetes and fails to realize that his friend is in love with him.
3) Noel Richard, Le mouvement decadent: dandys, esthetes et quintessents, Paris: Nizet, 1968.
The first and longest section, bearing the volume's title, is a rich compendium of critical studies about the author's literary (and personal) models: writers, thinkers, and esthetes, including Bela Hamvas, Nandor Varkonyi, and Laszlo Nemeth, her primary idols.
They came together in shared commitment to anti-Stalinist Left politics, but they were really esthetes first and political people second.
The copies of objects thus found themselves relegated to the sphere of the utilitarian, even of the frankly deceptive (the "fakes"); they held little interest for esthetes, with a single exception: that of archaic bronzes, which I shall be dealing with later since they fall within the scope of an overall reflection on history, ritual, and the foundations of the state.
Antonin Artaud, in an essay entitled "No More Masterpieces," says: "Let us leave textual criticism to graduate students, formal criticism to esthetes and recognize that what has been said is not still to be said .
the painters and esthetes of Diaghilev's 'World of Art' circle" (p.
No one will sigh over it except the unimaginative well-fed, well-housed, and well-clothed esthetes who are miraculously able to extract color and fascination out of human misery and degradation.
The resultant alienation (not Mumford's word--he uses "splitting") of the artist from his public has led to the creation of the "picturesque" (286), an art of self-indulgence directed at a small class of esthetes or simply indulged in for the artist's own pleasure.