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one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature


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Contrary to the conviction of much criticism of D'Annunzio, there is little of the Ubermenschliches to be found in Giorgio's flight from a "vita volgare" (63) to the luxe, calme et volupte of the moneyed esthete.
Located in NYC's trendy Meat Packing district, ESTHETE stocks only hard-to-find, limited distribution collections from the U.
The pathos of the esthete, for instance, "either distances itself from existence or else is present in it through an illusion" and therefore suffers from an "abstract sentimentality" (54, 58).
parmi les etrangers qui affluerent a Paris apres la Commune pour satisfaire une curiosite malsaine et se repaitre de ruines, un esthete qui, singeant Neron assistant du haut des jardins du Palatin au spectacle de l'incendie de Rome .
An avowed esthete, he wrote some of the most beautiful and sonorous poetry in Serbian literature.
Lane was a gentleman, an esthete, a bon vivant and a businessman.
There, the middle-aged Madame falls passionately in love with twenty-year-old esthete and freedom fighter Diamantino Marquez, thus betraying not only her husband but also (and much more significantly) her own admonition to herself and her devotees "never to commit [them]selves to a relationship that would clip [their] wings.
Ultimately Corris arrives at this formulation: "I believe Hirst's persona of the esthete is a shadow of Romanticism, an indication of his belief that it is the most effective role to assume in the struggle against social art.
Both Greber and Labbe used the expertise and advice of George Huisman, a progressive esthete and Directeur des Beaux Arts who entertained personal relationships with the artistic and architectural avant-garde of the 1930s.
MUD IN YOUR EYE: Step up to the bar and get a cranberry cocktail or nonchromium 6 cooler and then slap some organic mud on your face at the city's first self-service mud bar located at the Esthete Skin Care Salon in Sherman Oaks.
These presentation pieces were in the possession of Pier Luigi Farnese, Cardinal Alessandro's father, and the cardinal, who was a genuine esthete and involved in all the family artistic commissions, knew them well and loved them.
C'est une evidence que l'entraineur de cette equipe, Gourcuff, grand esthete devant l'eternel, educateur aimant, passionne de choses bien faites, obsede par l'effort et le travail de longue haleine.
History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake," says the young esthete Stephen Dedalus.
Pourtant, il trouve de quoi egayer ses yeux de fin esthete, les rayons de soleil du matin continuent a lui faire decouvrir d'autres aspects divertissants sur des futaies.