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change (a compound) into an ester

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Sucrose polyesters are produced by esterifying sucrose with fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) via a two-stage continuous solventless patented process.
In the 1980s, scientists developed the technique of esterifying phytosterols with unsaturated fatty acids to increase their fat solubility and to make it possible to incorporate them into vegetable fat spreads.
It can be prepared by a process comprising the following steps: alcoholyzing a drying oil with a polyol; adding successively, to the product from the first step, a dibasic anhydride, an unsaturated fatty acid containing a conjugated double bond and an epoxy resin, and esterifying to obtain an epoxy polyester; and copolymerizing the epoxy polyester and an acrylic monomer.
The epoxidized 10-undecenoic acid triglyceride (EUDA TAG) used in this study was synthesized by first esterifying glycerol with the [omega]-unsaturated fatty acid, 10-undecenoic acid.
Esters of the base resins can be produced by partially esterifying maleic anhydride with an alcohol.