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change (a compound) into an ester

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First, the PLA was fed to mixing chamber; after melting, filler (initial kudzu, char, and/or esterified char) was added and mixed.
XPS was performed on the dried untreated, ethanol extracted, esterified sheet with stearic anhydride.
Partially esterified sucrose soyate (SSB6) was generously provided by Procter & Gamble.
Our two clinical trials have evaluated ~240 subjects and showed that supplementing the microbiome (gut) with Cardioviva naturally lowered LDL ("bad"), total and esterified cholesterol in adults with moderately high cholesterol.
Initial burn tests showed that noncombustible components of the bio-oil (chief among them was the 26% water contained in the esterified fuel) were not combusted in the bio-oil flame produced by the relatively low-energy esterified bio-oil.
The levels of free and esterified phytosterols were slightly lower in the aqueous enzyme-extracted oil, but the levels of gamma-tocopherol were significantly higher.
In the second stage, excess FAME is used to further esterify the sucrose partial esters to highly esterified sucrose polyesters.
A sensitive enzymatic method for the determination of free and esterified tissue cholesterol.
The samples were then esterified to prepare them for GC-MS analysis following a routine Fisher esterification method, and 10 [micro]l aliquots of each solution were diluted into 1.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has received approval in the EU for a new health claim on its patented cholesterol-lowering ingredient Reducol plant sterols in free or esterified form.
One OH-group is linked to a phosphate group, which, in turn, is esterified with a charged head, usually an aminoalcohol such as choline, ethanolamine, inositol or serine, and the remaining two OH-groups are esterified with fatty acids (Figure 1).
fatty acid esters of OA, often referred to as "DTX-3") were, however, not analyzed and the possibility remains that OA occurred mainly in esterified forms in the oysters.
This broad definition includes fatty acids and their esterified forms (phospholipids, triglyceride) and sterols and their esters.
13,14) Not surprisingly, cholesterol was found in the plaque, but a key study in 1997 demonstrated that cholesterol esterified with nonfunctional linoleic acid (LA), the parent essential unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid (PEFA), was by far the most abundant component in plaque causing arterial stenosis.